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Best Small Bodied Electro Acoustic Around £200.

Lets get one thing straight - I don't talk about guitars that are planks - so I am not the man to come to if you want to talk about a cheap electro around £100.  I won't sell a guitar that I cannot truly recommend so its incredibly unlikely you will get an electro acoustic recommendation from me under £150 (second hand bargains excluded - this is the best way to buy an acoustic from me at that price).  If this is what you want, I am really sorry but I am not your man.


Whilst I do sell a few electros under the price of this specific recommendation, the Cort SFXE is quite simply such fantastic value it pains me if someone cannot find the budget to invest in it (£229) as I want them to have something I believe will inspire them.


The £200 area is a sensible, realistic budget for a guitar of quality that due to its price point we can justify the further investment in YOU by providing you with a £55 setup totally free of charge.  This ensures PERFECT playability.


Let me make one thing clear - I am not saying it is impossible to find a great playing instrument at a lower price - but the law of averages are against you - as are your chances of a guitar dealer being honest enough to tell you the guitar you are buying is a "pup" - they are generally there to sell you something and hit their targets.


So bare in mind my recommendation is a "security net".  It ensures the guitar I am recommending is based on a genuine belief it is a standard at the price and that our setup service ensures it will inspire you when you play it.


I am talking specifically about the small bodied electro today because it is very popular for many reasons.  The SFX series by Cort are fairly slimline (depth) and this makes for a very comfortable feel for younger players but also anyone who is used to playing electric guitar.  For years I have described the SFX series as the "APX Beater".  What I mean by this is the Yamaha APX which has been considered the standard since I have been in business (18 years) - Now the APX is always generally well presented and Yamaha do a great job on their setups but if the supplier (me?!) is providing a professional setup this negates the need for the "out the box" feel - so what does the APX give you over the Cort?  Well if I were to tell you that the Yamaha APX 500II is a laminate top and the cheapest price you will find one of these is £280 this may begin putting things on context.  (For £300 you can get the SFX1 but thats another story!)


The Cort SFXE at £229 provides you with a solid spruce topped acoustic (solid spruce improves the acoustic tone when not plugged in), built in electronics by Cort and built in electronic tuner.


Its all you need if you are looking for a comfortable electro that is easy to handle.


Suited particularly to:


Younger players


Anyone looking for a good platform to get started in the Electro World.


Fingerstyle guitarists


Points to be aware of?


A shallower body and smaller frame means the guitar will lack some of the the big full tone of a larger body guitar when played ACOUSTICALLY.  When plugged in - no problem.


Here are some pictures of the lovely Cort SFXE...









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