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Faith Guitars IN STOCK!

Not many Faith guitars dealers can say that at the moment.


Demand has outstripped supply but I have been working with Faith Guitars all year to ensure that I have as steady a supply as is possible, focusing on my personal favorites and the most popular models.


Models I am focusing on include... FNCETB, FNCEHG, FNCEMG, FNCE, FN, FKN,FKM, FMHG-BNC, FMHG, FVHG, FV, FKV and of course others too but these are my "babies" that truly are second to none in the market and you will find MOST of them out of stock at any dealer you visit - but not at Richards Guitars!


Click on the link below to see the Faith Guitars in the catalog pages..


Every Faith Guitar is set up in our workshop to perfection (to your personal requirement).








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