Feedback coming out of the monitors

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This probably shouldn't sit in this bit, but then half of my posts are in the wrong place so why change!

A couple of quick questions...
Firstly we've got a gig coming up and I'm fed up trying to battle the feedback coming out of the monitors... Partly it is due to the room being really live, but I think there will always be problems...

So I've started thinking about getting an EQ. Firstly if I get a dual 31 band eq, does this mean I can run the main mix thru one and the monitor mix thru the other?

Secondly, if I were to get a Feedback Destroyer, then could I get away without the EQ?

I'm not sure whether we'll have a dedicated soundperson, so it'll probably be me doing it from the stage so whatever I get needs to be truely idiot proof.

Any thoughts..

Off to play with the Hellcat now!


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    I may be talking balls here ..but somewhere in my pea brain I seem to remember that to stop Moniotr feedback you should power them from a separate amp etc ...but as I said ..I might have got that wrong

    Meow ....You,ll have to take some piccies of it...dont think I,ve seen one ?

    Wolf ;\)
  • nadnad Posts: 1,983Member
    Splash out on a Peavey Feedback Ferret?
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