How on earth do people manage?

RhodesRhodes Posts: 1,584Member
How on earth do people manage to fret the 6th (and sometimes 5th) strings with their thumb? I couldn't possibly do that and still keep my other left hand fingers where they're meant to be on the treble strings. Am I missing something obvious? Perhaps I just have short stubby inflexible fingers.

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    I dunno the answer really m8 ..I have fairly large hands so have never had a prob really .Also the neck on My Ibanez is very slim which makes it easier although I cant remember having a problem on other guitars.

    I tend to use it for a few chords and at times to mute the bottom strings a bit .

    Perhaps your thinking about it too much ...I always find if I get it in my head about a certain aspect of playing my hands do the opposite ....if your meant to do it up to a point you will .

    Sorry I cant be more help \:\)

    Wolf ;\)
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    I sometimes do this myself now and again...just happens with out me thinking about it...good point there Wolf if you think about one thing you always do something else =)
    I would say just play what is comfy for you \:D
  • RhodesRhodes Posts: 1,584Member
    It would be good for things like D/F# (like an open D, but with the 6th string fretted at the second fret) but I am not going to lose sleep over it. It's not like I'm ever going to be very good on the guitar.
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