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    Nic, I think a number of retail establishments have installed screens ready for re-opening. I too heard there was a shortage.
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    Our village shop has been closed as it's rather small, but it's putting in a perspex screen by the till in readiness for reopening in a number of weeks. It's been operating a click-and-collect service, with deliveries for those who are shielding.

    Mrs Bass and I have been having Tesco deliveries for years, probably decades, ever since they distributed their stock lists on CD-ROMs, but now everyone else wants deliveries we've been unable to get slots. So much for loyalty -- which should work both ways; basically they dumped us. Fortunately we've been able to get food from the village shop but it doesn't stock everything. People in towns and cities don't realise that we can't just "pop into a shop" to get the food we need! For the first time in our lives we've been concerned about whether we're going to be able to eat properly. But that's over now (I hope).

    I've also been baking our own bread for decades, and again everyone else has decided to do the same with the result that bread flour and yeast have been like gold dust. But a connection in the village obtained a 15kg bag of strong flour for us, and I've been able to get 500g of dried yeast on Ebay. This should last us months!

    I'm ashamed to say I've not done any tidying or clearing out. I'm also ashamed to say that my musical activities in lockdown have been very limited; I normally do everything on a computer nowadays but I don't seem to be able to get much inspiration.

    One thing I'm on my way to achieving is regrowing my hair! Fifty years ago, as a student, I had hippy style hair down below my shoulders. It's now making good progress in the same direction. Surprisingly, Mrs Bass has told me she thinks it's a good idea! I'm aiming for a ponytail this time.

    My 70th birthday is coming up and I've decided I don't need to be respectable any more, so I'll be disreputable instead!

    Best wishes to everyone here.

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    Nice one Dave, I've got clippers and normally keep whats left of my hair very short, for some reason I'm using the shutdown as an excuse to grow it out. It's currently just over the tops of my ears! Mrs. ESB also likes the idea for some reason.
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