i want to play some short samples

pakamakpakamak Posts: 153Member
please help. i want to play some short samples before songs in our set, but can't find a player that will play a file and then stop.

can a sequencer do this, or does anyone know of any software (mac preferably) that can do this.

it seems such a simple request, but the best we've come up with is to leave a minutes silence after the sample to give me time to stop the player and click to the next track. and that will be awkward as i play the geetar and sing.

cheers for now


  • DaveBassDaveBass Posts: 3,315Member
    If you want to play something like a sequence of wave files or MP3s, surely what you need is just a media player like Windows Media Player or Winamp. Then set up a playlist and it will play the files in order.

    Or you could combine the samples onto a single track and just play that.

    Or am I missing something?

    (A sequencer is usually software for creating MIDI tracks, not what you want at all.)

  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Posts: 355Member
    You could get a sampler- we have one of these for the exact purpose you describe. Kind of halfway between a sequencer and a sampler- really good bit of kit. Gone up in price since we got ours tho...

  • Annoying TwitAnnoying Twit Posts: 2,771Member
    It would be so easy to write a computer program that would store a list of files, and play them every time it received some message via MIDI. You could then control it with a footswitch.
  • pakamakpakamak Posts: 153Member
    thankyou for your input gents

    have been down two of the avenues suggested though; a standard media player can't be told to stop playing after each track automatically which means it would play all the samples before we've finished playing the first song, and a programmer friend has written a program to solve this perfectly on a unix box but short of writing code for a whole player can't do it on mac

    as i'm on a budget, have been trying to use the hardware i have available, or buy something off ebay. will have a look down the sampler road next.

    once again, thanks for your input
  • LesterLester Posts: 1,699Member, Moderator
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    This is an old topic but the situation crops up from time to time, whether on a forum or in conversation.

    I use the app PlayMyQ on an iPad. In the preferences there is an option called: Pause after each song. I suspect there will be other apps that can also do this.

    We, that's my wife and I, wrote and performed a couple of Christmas musicals and I used this app, having a stored playlist containing tracks of background music, noises (eg. sheep bleating, a baby crying) and the voice of God (pre-recorded, dropped in pitch and swimming in revereb!) and it all went brilliantly.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 982Member
    Brilliant idea, Lester. I've used an iPad live for triggering samples - Loopy is very versatile.

    I have a Korg Electribe that I can load samples on and trigger them by hitting a sample key. The memory isn't huge, but I'm sure something newer would work better. It's basically a drum machine that takes samples instead of having on board sounds.
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