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You guys asked to see my collection so here they are.

1995 Squier Strat as purchased (red)
1997 Squier Strat with Iron Gear pick ups and Earvana compesating nut (Sunburst with chrome)
2004 Squier Strat with Iron gear humbuckers, Gotoh bridge (Sunburst with black)
Strat clone with Tele neck and squier electrics (Blue)
Stagg M350 with Axesrus neck and Squier electrics
Jocko Trucaster custom built with Iron gear pick ups Gotoh bridge and Stienberger machine heads
Aria TA50 as purchased
Epiphone Les Paul Custom as purchased
Peavey Milestone IV bass as purchased
Epiphone PR350-S with new Grover machine heads
Perez 640 classical guitar
Tanglewood TW28/12 12 string

The amps in the picture are a Vox AD30 VT and a Stagg 20 BA bass amp.
The keyboard and drum pad are both Yamaha and the cordless headphones are Sony!!


  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    Now there's a fine collection of guitar eye candy. \:\)

    Be interesting to know how long it's taken to build the collection and have many guitars been let go in the process?

    There's good upgrades I see on there too. I've been tempted a few times by Iron Gear pups and for some reason never quite ended up getting any - last time they lost out to Tonerider as IronGear didn't have quite the flavour of vintage alnico II P90 I was after. I'd still like to give some a go when the opportunity arises. I assume you'd rate IronGear highly as an upgrade option.

    Makes my little collection of 6 guitars seem quite inadequate. \:o
  • DaveBassDaveBass Posts: 3,319Member
    Whereas I have just one electric guitar and two basses.

    And that's probably one bass too many.

  • LurcherLurcher Posts: 710Member
    2/3 of my gang

    L to R
    Yamaha RGX211 (modified)
    Ellis Series 2 with Skatterbrane pups
    H&S 12 string
    Cort EVL-K6
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    I was guitarless for about 10 years before getting the Epi acoustic in 88. about three years later I got the red Strat and a Squier P bass. That was me until about 2005 when I split with my ex and moved in with my current wife. I then started collecting. Since 88 I have given my P bass to my grandson and I traded in a Strat clone and a crap Yamaha 12 string against guitars I now have. The problem with modding guitars is you put more or less of yourself into them and I then find it very difficult to part with them after that.
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    Some beautiful guitars there guys. Thanks for sharing them with me.
    I like the sound of the Iron gear pick ups but I only play guitar at home these days and I do not have a great deal to judge against. I like the price and availability of the Iron Gear pups. They have a fair range.
  • Pete BuchanPete Buchan Posts: 278Member

    Here's a picture of some of my guitars. I see Jocko's gone down the mainly fendery route while my collection is mainly gibsony. I really need to get a strat at some point!

    From left to right:
    Fender roadworn 50s tele (currently with texas specials)
    Gibson SG Standard (standard)
    Gibson 335
    Gibson Les Paul double cut faded with p90s and Roland GK-3 synth pickup
    Epiphone Les Paul Standard with SD '59 and Pearly Gates
    Stonebridge GS40CM (bought from Richard)

  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Posts: 355Member
    Here is my little lot, tho it's out of date now- I've since gained a bass and sold the Casino. After the Cabronita gets sorted I think an offset will be next on the list.

  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    I'd love a Casino. Unfortunately I would need to get a divorce first! My long suffering refers to my "Music Room" as the "Junk Room" !!!!
  • Skyline_UKSkyline_UK Posts: 110Member
    Some beauties there. Here's mine (with one more arriving next Monday...)

  • Noise_MakerNoise_Maker Posts: 714Member
    My little family...far from a great set of photos but all I could rattle up whilst at work \:\)

    Top left is a custom which I won, top right is my Cort Earth Grand. Bottom left to right Variax 600, Custom Built 'LP Style', Vester Stage Series Strat and Kimbara Strat copy.
  • eskieski Posts: 128Member
    As this has turned into a "pimp your gear" kind of thread here's mine. My trouble is I can't bring myself to sell anything on!!

  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Posts: 355Member
    Oh man, all those SGs are preeetty....
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    What a collection of guitars one and all. Puts mine to shame. Every collection makes me jealous.
    I would also like to comment on the superb photography. Looks like quite a few of you guys are pretty skilled with a camera as well.
  • tramptramp Posts: 38Member
    I recently took some pics for insurance purposes, and thought I'd share:

    G&L S500
    Fender 80s MIJ strat 62RI (the guitar I've owned the longest - probably 20 yrs or so)
    G&L Rampage tribute (kind of a guilty secret)
    G&L bluesboy semi-hollow
    Fender std tele
    Danelectro Pro
    Burny LP
    Gordon Smith G60 (early 90s as I recall)
    Early japanese Squier p-bass
    Yamaha electro-acoustic

    I have the bluesboy & Danelectro tuned to open G, and surprisingly I think the Danelectro gets most use at the moment - really easy to play and has something special in its tone.

    Most were purchased used - I've been giving into GAS lately so long as they are likely to roughly hold their value.
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    Nice collection. Love the natural S500.
  • TinyghostTinyghost Posts: 834Member
    Ah ha!
    Had to get in on this...took some quick snaps. Not sure I'd call them "my Girls" tho, I find that kind of anthropomorphism...odd. They're just beautiful guitars ;\)
    Got a burns marquee also (green), but it's in local guitar shop waiting to be sold (one had to go ). [img][/img]
    So, Tokai Silver star 1984 (no mods)
    Mustang home custom build, Tonerider p90s, strat trem
    ? (Jagtelestang)home custom build, tele bridge, fender bridge pup, mini bucker (warman) at the neck
    SG standard (2000) natural finish
    Tele MIM 1997, Artec hotrails at bridge
    Crafter lite-D acoustic
    Squier P bass standard (although has the jazz neck and pup)

    Must say tho, I'm getting jealous seeing some of the other pics here. Esp want a semi again (er semi-hollow ).
    I feel much better too, as I thought I still had way too many guitars...not compared to some of you guys!!!
    Keep up the good work.
  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Posts: 355Member
    Love that black strat. And the SG. I need another SG. Dammit...
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    I need my first SG!
  • TinyghostTinyghost Posts: 834Member
    I now want to build more.
    I would also love to do an arty paint job...I've got some cool ideas.
    Just need money, time, space, energy...excuse.
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,206Member
    Thought it about time I added my little lot to this thread - forgive the separate pictures, but space is a bit limited just at the moment! First up is my Ibanez AH10 Allan Holdsworth model - I got this in 1986 from Scheerers in Leeds - I was obsessed with Holdsworth at the time! It has gone through a few mods in it's time, originally it just had a single bridge pickup, but is fully routed under the scratchplate, so easy to fit more pickups. It now has a mad switching system, that allows 72 (really!) different pickup switching combinations (I won't list them all... ). But a nice guitar, basswood body, ebony fretboard.

    Continuing in the order I got them, we have my pride and joy, an Ibanez JP20 Joe Pass archtop jazz guitar - according to the serial number it was made in 1980, but I got it somewhat later (1986 I think) from Ivor Mairants in London. It was sold as new, maybe they'd had it for a few years! I've since added a Kent Armstrong floating humbucker at the end of the fingerboard, there is a mini-switch hidden under the pickguard to select either or both pickups. No holes or anything were drilled to modify this guitar - it could be put back to original condition quite easily, in case anyone is worried!

    Followed by a 1993 Starfield Altair model - I got it second hand from Mansons shop in Plymouth (not sure if it is still there) in probably 1995. The pickups have been changed... a Lace Sensor blue in the neck (good for jazz), an old Seymour Duncan classic strat stack in the middle, and a cheap, but seemingly quite good, rails type pickup (not too hot output) in the bridge.
    Carrying on we have a Burguet Cedar top classical guitar - this is a bit nice also if I do say so myself. Burguet guitars are handmade by a team of 3 luthiers in Valencia Spain. I got it in 2005 from Forsyths in Manchester.
    And bringing up the rear, a Blueridge BR60 model Dreadnought style acoustic - not the most expensive acoustic in the world but decent, sounds pretty good to me, and has a good solid spruce top. I have it strung with D'Addario Flat-tops, which are good for reducing finger squeak if it bothers you (I can't stand it personally!)...
    I feel like one of those people who bore everyone with an interminable slideshow. It's over now, honest... I'm currently making my 6th guitar, a telecaster, as some of you know from my thread in the guitar building section. Cheers folks! \:\)
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    Nice guitars Graham. Love the Archtop. I keep looking at Archtops but I would have to have a clear out before bringing one home.
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,206Member
     Originally Posted By: Jocko
    Nice guitars Graham. Love the Archtop. I keep looking at Archtops but I would have to have a clear out before bringing one home.

    Thanks Jocko, I do see you have several strats in your collection, so maybe you could give a couple to me to make room for the archtop? (I'm just trying to help... ).

    The one thing I would like to add to my collection now is a nice semi-acoustic. Actually I rather like the look of the Epiphone Casino in Stickyfiddle's collection (would make a good jazz axe) but he has already sold it... \:\(
  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Posts: 355Member
    So I got an SG... \:D

    (And found the right thread for the family portrait, eventually..!)

    Family Photo, aka "The Herd"
  • TinyghostTinyghost Posts: 834Member
    Sticky, Megi,
    We need more guitars! Anything under 8 seems a poor show.
    But I guess it's quality.
    How long have you had the SG sticky?
    Megi, love that arch-top (plus the ibanez is really interesting).
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,206Member
    The collection has changed a bit since my last post - i.e. 3 new guitars, the parts-build tele and strat - both swamp ash bodies from guitarbuild, necks from Axesrus, and also the red Shine semi-solid, which despite it's relative cheapness is a cracking guitar (I use it as a second jazz guitar really, strung with fairly heavy GHS half-round "brite flats" strings 11-50 and wound 3rd, I fitted it with a pair of alnico 2 "Bourbon City" PAF types from Axesrus). The green Ibanez AH10 now has a set of Entwistle HDN neodymium humbuckers.

    And the other 3:

    On the left is a mid-price Blueridge BR-60 acoustic, not the best acoustic in the world, but servicable. In the middle an Ibanez JP20 jazz guitar from 1980 which has been fitted with an additional Kent Armstrong pickup and different finger plate - my favourite guitar. On the right a very nice Burguet Classical bought in 2005 from Forsyths in Manchester - cedar top, Indian rosewood back and sides, which I really need to play more!
  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Posts: 355Member
    lol. The SG has been here about 3 weeks now, and it absolutely a keeper. I've bought and sold a lot over the last few years (a Jazzmaster, a couple of Strats, a Les Paul and 2 Casinos..), but now I'm holding myself to a promise not to buy anything that isn't a potential long-term guitar. I've had the other 3 for between 6 and 12 years each, so I really only need extras that can become permanent fixtures.

    I also have an acoustic, a bass, a mandolin, plus one more strat in bits, and a cabronita custom build on order... ;\)

    Gig-wise I've used the Gibson 336 and the Tele most, but that's largely because the SG is new and the strat was unplayable until a couple of years ago.

    My last gig was the 336 and the strat, but for tomorrow's I'm going to try the SG and Tele. I've just got some Tonerider PAFs for the SG, so I'm hoping to turn it into a real do-anything workhorse
  • TinyghostTinyghost Posts: 834Member
    Ha ha.
    Wow, I'm missing out.
    Megi, the Shine looks interesting (not heard of those).
    Sticky, let me know how the toneriders work out for your you know I'm on the market for some pups to do a phase mod or split.

    I've aquired a 12string E-ros acoustic. Bit obsessed with the J Mascis squier sig Jazzmaster...but only if I sell the burns marquee (that is still on the wall in the local guitar shop).
    We still need more than 7!?
  • TinyghostTinyghost Posts: 834Member
    Sorry Megi, gos without saying that the tele and strat are awesome...
    We've seen them grow up over the weeks, feel like a proud dodgy uncle \:\)
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,206Member
     Originally Posted By: Lester
     Originally Posted By: Tinyghost
    Anything under 8 seems a poor show.

    Megi, you big tease, showing us just 7 of your guitars!
    Hee hee, I see what you mean Lester, but sadly the 7 are the entire collection just at the moment. The Starfield Altair seen in my earlier posts is just a pile of parts right now. Without wishing to upset any Starfield guitar fans... I kind of wrecked it! \:o eek, shocking I know. Truth be told I never was happy with the tone, especially a very spongy bass string response, and lacking sustain and crispness. I planned to re-finish the body and fit a new trem, but after removing some of the thick polyester finish, the wood revealed was a not-pretty 6 piece body covered with some sort of horrible soft-wood veneer (presumably to make a smooth surface to finish). The neck and pickups are worth salvaging, so I think I may get guitarbuild to make a new body for it one day with a hardtail bridge, and it will be re-built, hopefully better, stronger, faster than it was before. But a cautionary tale there folks!
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,206Member
     Originally Posted By: Tinyghost
    Sorry Megi, gos without saying that the tele and strat are awesome...
    We've seen them grow up over the weeks, feel like a proud dodgy uncle \:\)
    Nice of you to say so TG, and no apologies required for anything - I just wanted to update re "my girls" and show the current state of affairs! The tele and strat are products of this forum in a way (I doubt they would exist if I hadn't found this place!) so your proud dodgy uncle comment made me smile. They have of course been described in excessive detail in the following two threads:

    I keep looking at Sticky's lovely 335, envy is a terrible thing...
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