A train wreck!!

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I have just updated my blog showing an example of my latest "cosmetic reject"...


The model in question was a grey area as I have seen a lot worse (some of the early Fender Highway 1 models were a train wreck!!( but in my mind if the guitar looks like it is made up of 2 seperate guitars then it is a reject

It would be great to see any examples you may have of wood graind doing things that make you think "you know what - that doesn't look right!!".


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    That G&L Strat does look like someone forgot to even try to bookmatch the two halves. This is one area where luthiers like Paul Reed Smith excel and set a high standard (with accompany high prices) for others to compete with.
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    Wow - that G&L is appalling! And you've seen worse, Rich?

    Are they even the same wood? They look different colours.....

    How on earth did that get passed QC?
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    I'm amazed that ended up as a natural finish and not covered with a nice thick black!

  •  Originally Posted By: martinjamesdaley
    Wow - that G&L is appalling! And you've seen worse, Rich?

    Are they even the same wood? They look different colours.....

    How on earth did that get passed QC?

    Of I am relieved you think so!!! I thought I was going to get a ream of feedbacks along the lines of"Rich - its wood! - If you don't like wood get another job" So I am glad someone else appreciates this.

    Indeed I felt this was a reject but my god yes I have seen worse. This isn't a cheap dig at Fender (well it is really!) but I continually had to fight my corner over this issue when they brought out the Highway one models. They were the most awful instruments when they released them. They had these see through satin finishes with rubbish wood which were rarely even centred, let alone the same grain.

    I know they are out there which is why I though it would be good to see some examples posted (any brand).

    When you are buying a guitar of a certain price point there will ALWAYS be good ones and bad ones mixed in along the way -Its my job to make sure my customers get the better examples.

    This is why is someone online asks me the question "are G&L or Cort or Godin etc. ANY GOOD?" it is very hard to answer honestly without mentioning our quality control. I cannot say what they will get elsewhere and some people will think when you mention the quality control you are scare mongering or pulling the wool over their eyes but this is clear demonstration of what we help them avoid - even before we set it up or look at any geometry.
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    Well, at the risk of upsetting some of your suppliers, maybe you should add a "rogue's gallery" to the site - with pics of some "offenders" hich haven't passed your quality control? That would certainly silence those that think it's just scare mongering...!
  • I suppose that was the idea.

    It also puts the point across as well that just because a brand is a personal favourite and I think they are benchmarks that this DOESN'T give some kind of seel of approval that they do not need setting up or checking!

    No mass produced guitar ever goes through our workshop without needing adjustment - ever.
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    It shouldn't be too hard for manufacturers to put transparent finishes only on bodies that bookmatch nicely and to paint those that don't.
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    Ouch! The first picture on the thread made me wince, and the second was a wince plus indrawn breath.

    You suddenly see maybe why so many guitars are block painted by the manufacturer so you can't see the wood.

    I do like a natural finish on a guitar so I can see the wood grain but I'm not a huge fan of the two piece book-match jobs even if they are done well they often just look artificial - but these ones - arrgghh!

    I like a one piece body if it's a natural finish guitar .... but that goes means I'm way over my usual budget unless I'm particularly lucky on a self build.
  • This is what I would normally expect (cannot find a bigger version on thic computer - but was the last one I sold...)

    and here is the ASAT version...

    So normally I think these look stunning and represent awesome value and tone.

    Which makes the reject look all the more out of place in my shop!
  • Come on - I know those dodgy tops are out there!

    Out yours today!
  • Pete BuchanPete Buchan Posts: 278Member
    Good job my first custom body didn't go through your shop!

    The funny thing is that it's a one piece top! It's obviously not quarter sawn. That's the worst of my guitars. The rest are figured or pretty much symmetrical

  • Why? Looks fine to me - looks natural like wood should do!
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