Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar course

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As I said elsewhere I decided to order Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar. The course consists of 20 lessons on 10 DVDs, 5 CDs of backing tracks, a book and a further book available to download fron their website. Cost from Amazon was just under £60.
It arrived yesterday and I am quite impressed with the package. I have only had time to check out the book but it starts with the very basics and the lessons progress to quite serious stuff including Blues, Jazz, Rock etc. Each lesson is designed to be completed over a period of one to several weeks.
My reason for getting this, while I am taking lessons elsewhere, may seem strange but I am due to retire in a year and I won't be able to fork out £40+ a month then. Also, I am considering buying another set for my grandson as a Christmas present this year and I wanted to check it out first. I always buy him guitar oriented presents for Christmas and birthdays!
As I get a chance to check the course out I will keep you all posted, here, in case anyone else is interested or thinking about it.


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    I'm certainly interested in hearing your further reviews Jocko.

    Perhaps this year I might actually get something I actually want for my birthday if you know what I mean \:P

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    Watched the first half of the first DVD (Session 1 off 20). It was excellent. The quality of picture and sound is second to none and the camera work is as you would expect from a professional video. The presenter is easy to watch and listen too. He can also play extremely well as evident by the opening sequence.
    The content of this first session assumes no guitar knowledge what so ever but was interesting even to an old rocker like myself. My wife was sitting watching as well (living room telly)and found it easy to take in, though I couldn't encourage her to pick up a guitar and have a go herself.
    Yesterday I downloaded and printed out the bonus resource book and it is excellent. All 189 pages. It contains work sheets for music theory and there is a full answer section in the rear.
    For someone wanting to start playing from scratch I would say you could not do much better than this course.
    Oh yes. There is also a video "Inside Gibson" showing Les Paul guitars being built and talking to the workers. A PR vid but still entertaining watching and with a few great riffs in the sound track.
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    Excellent Jocko.

    You're certainly whetting my interest \:P

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    That does sound like a quality course to follow.
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    Had a look at the jam track CDs. The first piece you learn in "Ode To Joy" - notes on the first two strings - a total of six notes in all. You are expected to be here in two to three weeks from scratch. The backing tracks are immense. Slow, medium and at tempo. The tracks are brilliant. Full orchestration and worth a listen to themselves. There is nothing worse than practising by yourself but this gives you a backing track to make your efforts sound good.
    I have no connection to Learn And Master but I must say, their product is exceptional. Even I am learning to sight read staff and that is after 50 years of trying and failing.
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    Would you say it's complimenting your current lessons or contradicting them?

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    It is definitely complimenting them. My intention was to have a look then keep the L&M for later. However, after checking it out I have jumped in. I am only at the stage of learning to read music so there is no conflict with what I am doing with my tutor. In fact, this morning I spent time sight reading my present assignment from my tutor, using the knowledge I have aquired from L&M.

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    Are you sure you're not on their pay roll Jocko?

    You make it sound very tempting.

    I'm very close to taking the plunge myself.

    Just not sure whether I'd find the time, although there's no rush and I'm thinking just 30 minutes a day will probably be better than nothing. That said, like you, I'd want it to compliment my lessons.


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    Well today my FREE £50 worth of Amazon vouchers arrived from the bank.

    These books and CD's are now reduced to £44 including free delivery so quickly pressed the purchase button and they're now on the way to Stafford.

    Adopting a bit of a Jocko attitude in that I'm thinking they'll be there if the lessons stop and in the meantime I can dip in and out to supplement the lessons.

    Looking forward to 'em arriving next week.

    Thanks for the recommendation Jocko.

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    Is it rude for me to ask how you got £50 worth of vouchers from your bank?
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    Exactly my question^ Jeez do i need £50 on amazon
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    I recommend you also download there bonus resource material. I also downloaded the Blues resource as well.
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    No big secret mate.
    HSBC credit me with points every time I spend £10 on my credit card.
    I put everything I can on the card to maximise the points. Everything is paid off each month so no interest charges.
    So, costs me nothing and the bank lets me choose vouchers from retailers such as Amazon, M & S, Morrisons etc.
    Occasionly wife will try and muscle in but I can usually spend 'em before she gets the chance \:D
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    Thanks Jocko I'll check that out when it all arrives

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    Well my new purchase arrived today.

    Not had an opportunity to watch any of the DVD's or download any of additional materials yet.

    I did however get the chance to read through the accompanying book and I must say it contains very full and detailed learning materials.

    In fact, it came over a little daunting, making me realise just how much I need to learn and how little I actually know.

    Fortunately I'm realistic enough to know that all this hasn't got to be learnt in a week or a month. I've been trying to play now for 12 months so another 5 years working through the book and DVD's won't hurt.

    I don't think the book & DVD's will replace my weekly lesson but hopefully they will supplement & compliment it.

    I get the feeling that some serious work is about to begin.

    Gulp !

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    It's a lifetime commitment learning the guitar,no doubt about it.
    I would guess it's the same for any musical instrument.
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    I was going to use L&M to supplement my lessons but decided to follow one path at a time. While going for lessons I will follow that path. Once I stop lessons (at £80 - £100 a month, that may not be too long!) I will concentrate on L&M.
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    I've been using Rocksmith on the PS3 and its quite good (Nothing like the Rockband rubbish) any real quitar plug in the included lead, its makes its a sort of game learning scales, cords, bending etc etc and full of backing tracks with DLC, with it set out like a tab its so easy to switch to tabs after using it, I have the US import but the UK version is out in September.

    It wont replace a teacher and practice but gives a good understanding of theory (in a fun way) and helps build dexterity. its gets harder and harder until its not carrying you anymore and your playing the full song.
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    Jocko, Lotus, I have joined you guys and bought Steve Krenz's Learn & Master Guitar course. I am looking forward to being stretched and learning new things, eg.:

    Jazz: Steve Krenz - Smooth Jazz Guitar

    Fingerpicking: Steve Krenz Fingerstyle Guitar

    Rock: Steve Krenz Ode to Joy
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    As I have said elsewhere, download the bonus material as well. I also downloaded the Blues bonus material too.
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    Welcome aboard Lester.

    Like Jocko, I too have downloaded the bonus material.

    Lots of material to work with

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    Hi lads/lasses.

    This is the learning guitar CD/DVD i am using.

    Started 2 weeks ago. The guy speaks slowly and shows all chords broken down.... Even teaches you scales like in between notes F.A.C.E etc.

    EBGDAE Every Body Gets Drunk At Easter..

    I love the way it is tought and i can progress when i am ready then move onto the next lesson.

    He uses different types of guitar and asks you questions throughout that pauses so you can answer....

    Well worth every penny....

    In fact if it was more i would still buy it....

    And as for me learning left handed upside down it is a godsend that i found it and will recommend
    it to anyone learning....
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    For Megi (because we can't do this by PM right now):

    Steve Krenz, the Learn & Master Guitar author and teacher, has written additional courses to supplement the basic course. So far he has finished a blues course, a fingerpicking course is due to published next month, and he says he intends to write a jazz course next.

    If you have 10 minutes, here is something to watch. Each week Steve has a live show online. He opened yesterday's show with On The Sunny Side Of The Street and then chats a bit jazzy afterwards. It will all be over and into questions by the 9 or 10 minute mark.

    The video is here.
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     Originally Posted By: Lotus

    I took Jockos approach and put the Gibson's L & M G on the back-burner whilst concentrating on my weekly lesson.

    I then took delivery of the Complete Rock & Pop Guitarist Vol. 1 which is a good guide but not as detailed as the Gibson product. It has nevertheless got me thinking about working through the Gibson product whilst still having the weekly lesson.

    Good to read about the progress you've made. Again this makes me think I should start to use the Gibson stuff sooner rather than later


    Graham, I have pulled this over here as I didn't want talk of this course to take zoglug's recording topic too far off-topic.

    I say go with whatever learning method you are finding most inspiring. Just because I am finding L&MG great does not guarantee that you will find it better than a private tutor or the Complete Rock & Pop Guitarist.

    Assuming you do decide to start the L&MG course sometime, there will be people of the L&MG forum at the same level - and the same goes for wherever you are on the course as people progress at different rates and so there are always some ahead of you, some with you and some behind you.

    All the best with enjoying your learning.
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     Originally Posted By: Lester
    For Megi (because we can't do this by PM right now):

    Steve Krenz, the Learn & Master Guitar author and teacher, has written additional courses to supplement the basic course. So far he has finished a blues course, a fingerpicking course is due to published next month, and he says he intends to write a jazz course next.

    If you have 10 minutes, here is something to watch. Each week Steve has a live show online. He opened yesterday's show with On The Sunny Side Of The Street and then chats a bit jazzy afterwards. It will all be over and into questions by the 9 or 10 minute mark.

    The video is here.

    Thanks Lester, I'll have a watch - sorry I missed this before, and just found it browsing through the thread, things get buried on here sometimes!
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    It sounds like a deffo Crimbo purchase for a guy who started playing electric guitar at age 19 whilst he was in a military band, (thought I was Pete Townshend) but gave up the 'rock n roll' lifestyle to bring up bairns in the 80s/90s. Now I am trying to make up time with a Tanglewood acoustic. Wasn't a good player to start with so I'm learning all over again. may have started my mid life crisis.
    And I thank you for it.
  • FrankieabbottFrankieabbott Posts: 26Member
    Thanks for the video link to Steve Krenz Lester.
    Tasty little titbit for a newbie.
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    A tip for Amazon ... presuming you are in no rush to purchase:

    find your item
    click ADD TO BASKET
    as the next page loads - EDIT YOUR BASKET

    go to Amazon regularly and
    and the items will be shown with price changes - sometimes down, occasionally up. Watch and learn what price variation your desired item has and
    when the price is at the bottom / acceptable to you!

    good luck
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