I'm looking for a guitar with the following:

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Evening gents,

I'm new to playing the guitar and have learned some lessons the heard way. Such as my dislike for locking trems. So can anyone help. I'm looking for a guitar with the following:

Hard tail
Superstrat or LP body type
Mahogany body
Preferably an ebony fingerboard.

I've looked long and hard online but without being able to try an instrument i'm stuck. Hopefully you can recommend some good guitars and i'll hit London to try 'em out.


  • LesterLester Posts: 1,706Member, Moderator
    What comes to my mind is a PRS SE EG, which is a mahogany bodied Korean made Strat style guitar with either a hard tail or a PRS tremolo that has had some glowing reviews, eg. here.

    They look like this although this one has a tremolo.

    I would be surprised if you find one with an ebony fretboard as ebony is rare and therefore is usually found on more expensive and exclusive guitars.
  • CletePurcellCletePurcell Posts: 167Member
    I just bought a PRS SE custom with coil taps and it is very nice indeed, but it was more than £500.
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    TG Ellis sometimes have nice looking guitars in for under £500 with ebony fretboards e.g. the Mantis 1 and probably some of the other models also. Not in London though, but maybe worth a phone call? http://tcellisguitars.com/index.html
  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Posts: 355Member
    If you're in Sussex then Guitar Village in Farnham and Andertons in Guildford are much better bets than London.

    In any case, PRS SE is a great starting point
  • LesterLester Posts: 1,706Member, Moderator
     Originally Posted By: stickyfiddle
    Andertons in Guildford are much better bets than London.

    Not on your life! That's the worst place I have ever had the misfortune to shop in. Box shifters who care nothing for the customer; the total opposite of Richard's Guitars.

    Chandlers in Kew are really helpful and not in Denmark Street, Charing Charing Cross Road or Shaftesbury Avenue area where prices reflect the prime locations.
  • LurcherLurcher Posts: 710Member
    I would go with Megi's suggestion. Tim is as fanatical as Richard about selling only perfectly prepared guitars. Series 1 is PRS type but also look at the 'Debbie' Les Paul. Quality is about the best you will see from chinese construction as my own LP from Tim has 3/4" of Maple cap on Mahogany. Ebony board is maybe not the highest quality due to restrictions but has the right 'feel'. Either of those would need a pickup swap, to my mind, as the Wilkinson's are on the harsh side. Tim can offer a swap service to most of the major brands, or do it yourself with something like Irongear Rolling Mills for classic PAF sounds or Hot Slags for more crunch. Either set will cost about an extra £60.

  • ElwoodElwood Posts: 8Member
    Thank you for all in the input guys. I've contact TG Ellis about the Matis 1 (a slippery slope as the II looks fantastic).

    I'm also quite interested the the PRS SE 24, good deals to be had on the 2011 models at the moment.

    Any further input is more than welcome.
  • CletePurcellCletePurcell Posts: 167Member
    Another option might be a Cort KX-Custom. I got one on ebay for £300 like new. It is remarkably similar to the PRS SE 24 and I wouldn't be surprised if it came from the same factory in Korea. It has coil taps so you get the strat sound, but the pickups on the PRS are better IMO plus you get the tremolo.(The Cort has Seymour Duncan pickups.) There is one new on ebay for £550 at the moment, but they do appear second hand.

  • geoff_bellgeoff_bell Posts: 79Member
    try out gordon-smith guitars. i have a gypsy and it has great sustain. you should be able to get a used one for under £500
  • Loli832Loli832 Posts: 181Member
    Tokai as well.
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