How can I improve?

anstapaanstapa Posts: 9Member
Hi all.

I started learning guitar in mid december and I'm at the point where I can slowly progress through the chords. Does anyone have any tips that could speed up my chord changes? How can I improve my strumming technique? Anything at all that would be useful to know would be greatly appreciated.
I practice everyday and the strings no longer burn my finger tips



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    Progress is something that comes progressively through frequent short times of practice. That applies to both the memorising what you are learning and the brain and fingers adjusting to the mechanics of it.

    As for what you are learning, including strumming technique, then nothing beats having a teacher. That can be in person, online (Justin Sandercoe online or Steve Krenz on DVD probably have the most thorough courses) or even a friend that is far enough ahead of you that they know what they are teaching.

    I remember that often I was motivated to accomplish a strumming pattern because it was in a song that our band were singing and I both needed to and wanted to master it.

    Keep asking the questions, we can steer and encourage you but you will have to put in the hours of practice to make it happen. All the best!
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    Just keep practicing and preaching to yourself that practicing is the means to an end that never comes. With a musical instrument, you'll never stop learning. Strumming is basically marking the meter (beats) of the piece of music. Whatever pattern fits the song is a good strumming pattern to use. There may be more than one that works well.

    As far as your sig asking why barre chords exist I can only say because they do. Very handy, too. I play chord melody fingerstyle and most of my work is 50/50 open and barre chorded. They will come naturally in time as a combination of a little strength and technique, leaning towards the latter.
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    Try this for a starter Strumming
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    Try this for a starter Strumming

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    The link someone has suggested to justinguitar's site is excellent.

    As far as chord changes are concerned its all about repetitions. The more you repeat the changes the better they get. I suggest you devote part of your daily practice EXCLUSIVELY to this; only needs to be say 5-10 mins a day. Don't get to a chord and keep strumming it; play chord 1 and just strum down once to check its reasonably clean. Then change immediately to another chord; strum once; then another, strum once; then back to number 2; etc
    This way you are going to get hundreds of repetitions every practice session. If you just play through a song slowly the reps you get will be few.
    Then practice a strum pattern seperately, holding say 1 chord only. Then put them together. Do this every day for total of 15 mins and you'll be surprised how quick you learn. Use the rest of your 'daily practice' to do something more fun.

    Good luck. The journey is worth it.
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    Here is a direct link to his beginner course. I love his style, his lessons are very informative, and the fact it is all free is another bonus.

    I enjoyed the content i have since purchased the complete beginner course, the acoustic songbook and his two iphone apps as well. Its my way of supporting what he does.
  • anstapaanstapa Posts: 9Member
    Thank you all for the encouragement and help.

    I'm getting there slowly and I'll stick at it until I can play to a decent level.
    I've bookmarked the links as there is a lot of information on there and hopefully other learners will see them and find them useful too.
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