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Is driving me nuts!

I know I haven't been playing for that long, but this is something I really don't understand how to stop.

If I pick my fingers off quickly I get noise, if I do it slowly, I get noise. Changing chords I get loads! Its like the strings stick to my fingers even though the tips are hard. Its really ruining my enjoyment playing electric, every time I try I just get so frustrated and put it down.

I think this is why I revert back to acoustic so much, but I prefer the ease/feel of the electric.

Is there a trick to this, or something you just put up with until one day it clicks. There must be a method as so many people seem to play without noise.

Any thoughts/help


  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,191Member
    It drives me nuts too sometimes, I do sympathise. I find if you have a technique where you initially lift your fingers up away from the strings as you change chords, that definitely does make a considerable difference. But there are some things that will just seem to involve finger noise whatever you do. On some of my guitars I have half-round strings, which cut down the finger noise massively. They do have a bit different tone to roundwounds, but you might want to try some. D'Addario makes them, also GHS (called "Brite Flats" but they are very similar to the D'Addario ones).
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    Take it you mean extraneous notes, as against squeal as you slide about the neck. I get those as well. Amazing how often it spoils a recording. I think the secret is to damp the strings with right hand where possible.
  • StuartSStuartS Posts: 167Member
    Thanks for the tip re different strings and dampening with the hand. Its nice to know I am not the only one with the problem (but also don't wish people to have it, if you get what I mean) .

    I guess its just part of the learning curve. I do still get it on the acoustic, but as its not amplified its not as apparent.

    Towards the end of the day I found on the acoustic that if I stopped thinking about what my fingers were doing and relaxed a little more, it reduced the noise a little. I also tend to play very quietly as I always play at night (kids asleep), where as yesterday I had some time on my own and played with a little more conviction and didn't hear the noise as much.

    I think it could be time for some lessons.
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