Why don't Strats have a bridge pickup tone control?

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Why do Strats not typically have a tone control fitted to the bridge pickup?  I'm thinking of having mine modded to either have the middle tone also wired to the bridge, or tamed a bit.

Annoyingly, it's fine with cheap stomp ODs/fuzz, but the higher quality ones are more transparent and don't muffle the highs.


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    When Leo Fender designed the strat he wanted the bridge pickup to mimic the sounds of a lap steel guitar, so never added a tone control option for it.


    I have an AmSe that features the TBX control - which provides tone control for the bridge pickup - I never use it though!

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    My 2010 American Standard Strat has the tone control active on both the bridge and middle pick up.  However, when turned fully up, it switches the tone control out, and reverts back to the original design.
    See here: http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/...PYjroCFQbJtAodSWIAlQ
    However, I tend to play it with the tone control permanently out of circuit>

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    Also the quest in those post war days was for electric guitars to emulate their older brothers, so acoustic guitars which could go ping and cut through the brass etc. The amplifiers being used were often old radiograms modified and so treble was at a premium. Both Leo and others like Gibson never considered the idea of overdriving an amplifier, fidelity was the buzzword (or perhaps not buzz in this case).




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    There's a few things you can consider starting with just wiring the bridge in to one of the existing tone pots,as mentioned above using a TBX or there's something called the Gilmour mod after the Pink Floyd guitarist.

    I've done the Gilmour mod on an old Korean Squier Strat I have and it's something I would have to consider for any other strats I may come into possession of in the future,one of the better mods I've done and worth a try if you are interested in opening up a strat a lot more.

  • TapirTapir Posts: 72Member

    I have all three pups wired to the middle pot as a master tone. It keeps things simple for me. 


    The third pot is a blender to get the neck and middle together (like the Gilmour mod). I mainly out it in to try to make the guitar sound more like a Tele. I'd say it's 80% there. 


    In the end though I just bought a Tele. Far more fun. 

  • Ape09090Ape09090 Posts: 2,744Member

    That's the same as mine,all 3 pups to middle pot for tone but the second tone pot blends the bridge and neck pups for me.

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