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fretfulrobfretfulrob Posts: 45Member
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I'm not getting emails to the topics I've posted to, should I get them?The "follow this topic" box is ticked. 


  • Richards GuitarsRichards Guitars Posts: 589Member, Administrator

    I believe you should yes.  You may need to look at your main personal settings for "notifications".  I am not an expert in it yet as its a new platform but you can set general notification levels BUT I would have thought regardless of those settings if you say you want to follow a topic you should get emails about them.


    Did you receive an email notification when you signed up?


    Maybe your email address is incorrect in your profile settings?

  • fretfulrobfretfulrob Posts: 45Member

    Yes I did Richard.

    have you done anything? Because I got a message this time.....Weird!!!

    Oh well, perhaps it was a gremlin...LOL

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