Not a guitar this time but a drum

Brian LurcherBrian Lurcher Posts: 15Member
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Not a guitar this time but a drum. I'll not bore you with pictures because a Cajon drum is a Cajon drum and they are all much the same. A box 12 x 12 x 18 inches with a sound hole in the back and a smooth playing surface in front.I had some 9mm ply around the house so added a bit of 20mmm square timber to strengthen the corners. Glue and screw fastenings but there I heard about a small tip. Leaving screws only on the playing surface and backing off the top ones by half a turn produces a loud slap sound at the higher range.The sound from 9mm ply is a bit thin so I might make up a 4mm front which is supposed to give a more bassy, booming sound.Hopefully some sound clips to follow quite soon.
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