My pedal board looks like this

martinsmith99martinsmith99 Posts: 375Member
My pedal board looks like this:

Guitar> ISP Decimator nose gate> Fulltone Clyde Delux Wah> Fulltone Deja Vibe MDV 2> Biyang Mad Driver OD> Mojo Hand FX Zephyr Fuzz> Biyang Fuzz Star> SD Doubleback compressor> Amp

Loop> EHX Bad Stone phaser> Source Audio EQ> Boo Boost> TC Flashback x4

The noisegate, EQ and compressor are always on, with the delay on most of the time in slapback mode.  My usual drive is the Zephyr with the Fuzz Star only used when I want a thick muff sound.  The OD is set to boost only.

I also have a few other drives & and auto wah that I play with sometimes.


  • SmartySmarty Posts: 403Member
    Currently I have a Marshall compressor going into a Boss DD6 at the front end (controversial to place the delay at the beginning I know!), then (in various orders) a Joyo Tube screamer clone, EHX wicker fuzz, Hardwire OD which finally go into a a Boss Chorus pedal.

    I also have a Zoom 100 BT which I use as a practice tool more than anything else. I've tried it in my fx loop but I find alot of the effects a bit "cheap" sounding (esp the other
    ON and distortion). It's fine for sofa noodling however.
  • Green NinjaGreen Ninja Posts: 412Member

    In front:


    TC Electronic Polytune -Dunlop Crybaby Wah - MXR Custom Badass '78 distortion


    In Loop


    MXR Phase 90 - Boss Super Chorus - Boss Flanger - TC Electronic Flashback Delay - TC Electonic Hall of Fame Reverb

  • dharma66dharma66 Posts: 829Member

    My signal path, in it's entirety:




    My amp has chorus, flange (or maybe phase), tremolo, delay and reverb built in. Every now and then I add a touch of reverb. I've played around with the others, and they just seem to make the sound warble in various unattractive ways.


    I might want a multi-band EQ one day, so I can really scoop the mids for rocking out to Pantera image

  • LesterLester Posts: 1,680Member, Moderator

    Of recent I have been playing my archtop a lot and the only thing between my Burny RFA-75 guitar and Fender '57 Deluxe reissue valve amp is a single cable.

  • HobbioHobbio Posts: 21Member

    Guitar->Cable->PC/iPad or



    I do have a Zoom multi fx but as I've mainly been trying to play jazz recently I've not needed to use it. Any fx I've wanted when I've been plugged in to the PC or iPad have come from the software.

  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,085Member, Moderator

    Guitar-Zoom G3X(for a little reverb)-Laptop.

  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,190Member

    Like Jocko I sometimes use my Zoom G3 for reverb, even less often for a bit of chorus, also delay and compression maybe. But most of the time it's guitar-cable-amp, for jazz purposes.

  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 949Member

    Just mocked up a temp version of what I shall be gigging with soon. I will make the woodwork better once I'm settled and satisfied with the configuration.


    >Input is a Radial Big Shot switcher to enable two guitars to be permanently plugged in. The tuner runs directly off this (Korg pitchblack). The Big Shot is also a master mute switch.


    >Big shot into A Blackstar HT Drive. I did a panto session last year and ended up getting all my drive tones from the one pedal. So this is the only drive on the board (so far).


    > HT Drive into Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus. For a cheapy these sound great and do a nice musical range of chorus without setting new boundaries.


    >Cool Cat into Boss RE20 Echo. This is the small substitute for my Roland RE501 chorus echo but TBH I find it quite acceptable and does a decent recreation of the real thing in a small (relatively) lightweight package.


    I mounted all this on a bit of 33cm x 52cm 18mm ply  with screws and those bike link bits over the weekend. Works well and is compact, it should prevent me from covering my lack of talent with lots of effects. I will gig it a couple of times and then make it all smart n' tarty with some nice joinery and a lid.


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