I just need to know from you guys

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As you know I have been "playing" with the forum a little over the past 48 hours to try and improve new and old user experiences. I have tried to make it less cluttered and more accessible. However, I need your feedback. This made me realise the new format now enables me to create a forum for this exact area. So - The community feedback forum has been created! http://www.guitars.co.uk/category/community-feedback You will see a some basic categories which should allow you to say what you want and when and allow other people to reply to you too. This is certainly something that has been missing until now. i do hope you can help work with me to make the forum an enjoyable space for all guitarists. The idea behind the new platform 12 months ago (?) was to bring audio, video and images direct to the site and importantly to allow blogging. These have all brought positives I am sure you would agree but I just need to know from you guys how to best present the format - and for that I need your feedback. Thanks again for all the fantastic content you bring me and other users every day.
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