Yesterday's gig was the last one until December!

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Just checked the diary. Yesterday's gig was the last one until December!  An opportunity to get into the woodshed, methinks.


  • LesterLester Posts: 1,706Member, Moderator
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    Likewise, today's was the last booking in my diary.

    All the best finding some more gigs, Derek, and in the meantime you were mentioning that your electric skills need a bit of honing: here's an opportunity.

  • onemanbandonemanband Posts: 94Member

    Yeah, I can sympathise with that.

    Sadly, paying gigs for live musicians seem to be getting less & less. Not only are many closing, under pressure of the current economy but many have caught on to the fact that "open mic" nights will fill a venue, for very little or no cost; (I'm not knocking open mic's; I think they're excellent platforms for new players)!!

    I also get really p****d off with venues promoting "live" entertainment with what is actually nothing more than backing track karaoke singers (but don't get me started on that one)!!   Luckily, I have a good agent who keeps me reasonably busy.


    Good luck and I hope your date sheets fill up soon 

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