How should I set the amp knobs?

docjohndocjohn Posts: 9Member
I have a Roland AC60 which is great for my acoustic guitars with pickups (country stuff) and works well with my ES175 copy if I do jazzy stuff. Supposing I want to do some rockabilly stuff on the electric, how should I set the amp knobs?  I realise the sound is subjective, but generally, do I want full bass or full treble or full middle, or half way or zero.... I like to keep the chorus on for jazzy stuff, how about for general rockabilly? Should I use reverb instead?


  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 961Member

    Without knowing that amp in particular, I would tend to suggest lots of mids (say 3/4) and maybe 1/4 bass and a fair amount of treble (1/2+) but knock the treble off to taste on the guitars tone control.

    Early rockabilly was done with crude amps trying to be HiFi and instead giving that warm brash combination. Bass was left to the bloke with the upright and has no place on a six string.

    Of course your hands and playing technique will have most influence over the final tone.


    Never be afraid to experiment with your guitar and amp combination on all the settings and learn how they interact.


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