Connecting my guitar and vocals to my PC

martinsmith99martinsmith99 Posts: 375Member
I'm looking for something to allow me to connect my guitar and vocals to my PC; mainly for practice at the moment and recording in the future.  What's good around the £100 mark?  I've been recommended the Onyx Blackjack, but know nothing about these gadgets. Thanks for any advice.


  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member

    I've seen good things said about the Focusrite Scarlett - the 2i2 and 2i4 would be round the right sort of price - the preamps are supposed to be very good.


    It's difficult to know - whatever interface you look at you'll find some reviews that say it doesn't work / is rubbish. We're in the laps of the computer gods with these things!


    I'd been wondering about one myself (Xmas coming up) but after several hours spent to get my recording system back working again after trying to use a Zoom H4n recorder as an interface I don't think I'll be bothering.


    Good luck Martin!

  • BryBry Posts: 652Member

    I'd be looking at these...



    ... but that's just what I'm used to, that Blackjack and the Focusrite will probably be as good.

  • Noise_MakerNoise_Maker Posts: 714Member

    Interested to hear what you decided on Martin (if anything at all).  A driver in your selection may be whether you want to use multiple inputs at once.


    I've a M-Audio Fastback Pro which I think go for just over £100 these days.



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