ARW Live in Hammersmith.

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What an unbelievable show!

Last night I saw Anderson Rabin Wakeman perform at the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo. According to the program, this is a long term project which makes Lee Pomeroy (bass) and Louis Molino III as much part of ARW as the three former-Yes members.

From beginning to end, Jon Anderson's voice was immaculate. As my brother said after the first song, "That's the voice of Yes." As much as I wanted to take on Anderton as the new Yes singer (I like to root for the New Guy), nobody can replace Mr Anderson (with an s... ). Even Rick Wakeman himself said so.

Rabin's guitar work was fluid and flawless, with many extended solos. Being on the 11th row I got a good view of his amazing technique. I got a sneaky look at his rig beforehand and could see three Fractal expression pedals, a MIDI board and two speaker cabs. A very clean setup! For guitars, he played his trusty old Strat he's had since his teens, a couple of Alvarez signature electrics and a thin acoustic of some description.

Wakeman was entertaining and beguiling throughout, making good use of all eleven keyboards (including two mini Moogs!).
Molino's drumming was solid, and powerful, not exactly White but like an improved version of what the songs should sound like.
And Pomeroy played a beautifully melodic and rhythmic solo that showed he could take on the parts written by the late-great Chris Squire (who got a fitting tribute in one song) with ease.

The best part of the show was the interactivity between the musicians, showing that they were having a blast! I love seeing a band enjoying themselves and not taking themselves too seriously or acting like 'rock Gods'.

I saw Yes on their 2014 tour and frankly found it a tad disappointing - lacking energy, enthusiasm and life.

ARW are the new Yes. And they plan on being around for as many years as they have the energy to do so (again, according to the program).

If you're a fan of any stage of Yes, ARW are an act to watch out for. A new album is due this year.

Again, as my brother said, "AWAKEN is the best thing I've ever heard at a concert".

You could say I was impressed!



  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 1,001Member
    I don't take a lot of photos at gigs, just a half dozen as momentos. The programmes always have better photos than any audience member can possibly take!

    Here's what I could manage to see of Rabin's pedal board.

    Rabin's 'board
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    Now I know what Jon was doing in London. I was visiting for a long weekend and passed him walking in the opposite direction down Whitehall on Friday lunch time.
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    I was at the local music festival a few years back and, between acts, the sound engineer was playing recorded music. It was brilliant ! I asked him what it was. He said Yes. So I bought one of their albums on the back of that.
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    Glad you got to see an enjoyable gig Nick - never know when you're going to strike lucky with that.

    I remember being bowled over by Yes back in the early 70s (yes, I'm old) - with Bill Bruford still in the band (a great drummer), and with Rick Wakeman ... I do usually prefer Yes plus Wakeman to Yes minus Wakeman. "Roundabout" and "Heart of the Sunrise" a couple of real highlights and left a big impression.

    I was also impressed with Lee Pomeroy on bass as part of the English Rock Ensemble on a Wakeman DVD "Live in Beunos Aires". One of my favourite live music DVDs.

    You're right - it does make a concert more enjoyable when it looks like the musicians are really enjoying it too.
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    Thanks Mark. Some older bands can be a bit hit and miss, and with changing line ups you don't know what it's really going to be like.

    Old - haha! Well, I was alive for all of the 70s, if that helps!

    Heart of the Sunrise was amazing. Really amazing. They played it with such conviction. Wow. It's still ringing in my head!
    I think you're right about Wakeman too, Mark. His musicianship is ... well, you know! And I'm sure his presence alone makes a difference to the other members.
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    Rick Wakeman is just an all-round good guy. I saw him doing a one man show and he is a brilliant raconteur. Hi best line was, "My mate's wife is an internet porn star. She's going to go nuts when she finds out."
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    Good to hear about what was obviously a terrific concert. Re the new singer, I think he will find his place in the band's history, but these things take time.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 1,001Member
    LOL I missed him last time. Won't do that again!
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