My guitars, changing pickups and all that (which may or may not be jazz).

Is this a personal diary? I dunno.

Well, if you've got this far, thank you for humouring me. I quite fancied just showing my guitars and explaining some of the things I've found out about wiring. I see wiring as the cheapest and easiest way to make drastic changes, and have something a little different or unique. I will probably be changing pickups, wiring, plastics and other minor things

I like different.

So without further ado, I would like to share Number 2.
Number 1 is on its way...

My Number 2 guitar!

Chambered alder body, curly maple neck and birdseye maple fingerboard. 25 1/2" scale and weighs a mere 2.5kg (5.8lbs).

The pickups are by Irongear - Pig Irons in neck and middle (RWRP) and Platinum 90 in the bridge. I swapped one of the alnico V magnets in the P90 for an alnico II and think it makes it a little warmer. Magnet swapping is a disease. Be careful you don't catch it because it's just like the summertime blues - there ain't no cure.

Controls are volume (with push/pull to put the middle pickup in series), 6-way rotary selector and 'grease bucket' tone circuit, which uses an additional resistor and capacitor to reduce the treble and bass at the same time, making it clearer and less muddy. The tone control also has a push/push switch that acts as a blower switch, connecting the bridge pickup directly to the output and bypassing the other controls.

The rotary selector selects -
1. neck
2. neck and middle
3. neck and bridge
4. middle
5. middle and bridge
6. bridge

With the push-pull pulled up -
1. neck
2. neck and middle in series
3. neck and bridge in series
4. (mute)
5. middle and bridge in series
6. bridge

My intention was to make what I thought a Strat should sound like. I have never been particularly keen on the bridge single coil and wanted to find out how a P90 would work. There's a bit of a volume jump, which I actually like. It sounds great in combination with the neck pickup, and even with the middle pickup still has a certain amount of 'quack'. To me, the P90 is how the bridge pickup should sound - gutsy, fat and a bit rude, but cleaning up if you tell it to.

For more music that may or may not feature this guitar, go to

Anyone want to see some circuit diagrams?


  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,218Member
    No. I do not wish to see a circuit diagram. I can think of nothing less musical.

    You have a lovely stable of guitars, Nick. Now get that buckle and sandpaper out and RELIC THEM !

  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 998Member

    No. I do not wish to see a circuit diagram. I can think of nothing less musical.

    Hahah you could print them out and make wallpaper for the downstairs loo.

    You have a lovely stable of guitars, Nick. Now get that buckle and sandpaper out and RELIC THEM !


    Thanks -
    hehe! Maybe I should... I did set fire to one. I'll see if I still have pictures of it.

  • ChristoefurChristoefur Posts: 20Member

    I did a similar thing on a £25 pound eBay special. It's a Yamaha erg or something stripped out the pickups replaced with pig irons and a rolling mills at the bridge, coil tapped. Put a reverse phase circuit in too sort of accidentally, so when the coil tap is up it reverses the phase on the other two pickups when the selector is in the appropriate position.
    Also took the black finish off repainted in nitro cherry colour, black pick guard in a Pacifica style (had to reroute some bits to get that to work.) Then new bridge - Wilkinson vs50?

    Managed to make a Horlicks of the paint job, but from a distance you can't tell, close up i think it gives it appeal :) new machine heads too...

    Only problem now is the guy holding it is somewhat limited!
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 998Member
    Ain't wiring fun?!
    Oh I've made a few nighttime drinks out of 'simple' aerosol resprays, but I don't tell anyone. If it's good enough for you, it's good enough! It's never as simple as they claim on the can.
  • ChristoefurChristoefur Posts: 20Member
    Yeah too right, how hard can it be? Well very hard, especially when you've spent about 10 hours scrubbing poly finish off the thing before you start. You just want to get on and play!

    I've noticed there are a lot of ads for guitars on eBay with the infamous line ' a previous owner tried to...' i would i exchange that for 'after a few beers, and now believing i was a master luthiers i tried to...'

  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 998Member
    I hear ya! There must be something in the air, or the water, because you'll always find someone who says "Oh I just threw it on and it came out perfectly!"

    If you have the patience of Job and like sandpaper, there are some great deals to be at the expense of someone else's impatience!
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