Strings for jazzy tele

I love jazzy tones. Something in style of Martin Taylor.
I know my guitar won't be sounding like His, because I have telecaster Thinline, but I heard that flatwound string are the best for jazz. Is it true?
Which of these sets would You recommend for telecaster?


  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 1,002Member
    Martin Taylor is a magician. I saw him live a few months ago. Utterly amazing. And a nice chap too!

    Flatwounds are definitely you are looking for. They transformed my semi-acoustic from 'kind of that sound' to 'THAT SOUND'. It's like jazz in a packet.

    I haven't tried any of those, but do love D'Addario although in all honesty I would go with the cheapest to see if you like flatwounds.

    But you will. Flatwounds are all that and a bag of chips. As they say...
  • danowensdanowens Posts: 2Member
    Roto Top Tape are the cheapest and I really like them; others dislike them and recommend D'Addario Chromes (brighter and higher tension) or Thomastik Swing (more mellow and lower tension).

    I've got Roto Top Tape on my Tele and they are higher tension, but that allows me to 'chunk' away at my Freddie Green changes.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 1,002Member
    Thanks for the recommendation Dan. Seems that I have to buy a few before I settle. Oh No!
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