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    Mark P said:

    Very nice playing and sounds on and from your 335 Rea!

    I love the sound and feel of a good semi-hollow. If I had to get rid of all me electric guitars bar one I think it'd be the Viking Hagstrom Deluxe that would survive.

    It seems like the new guitar has also encouraged you to explore new pastures and you're obviously enjoying the experience a lot.

    So I think it's safe to say it seems like a very good choice! :smile:

    Thank you!

    Thats far too difficult of a decision to make, and I don't have all that many guitars :P But I get your point :)

    It very much has, I have always been fond of Jazz and have explored it more casually using it as a resource to pull inspiration from, but getting a guitar that so well suites the genre has definitely inspired me to go full on at the moment. I think it also generally changed my approach slightly as the semi hollow just reacts to the way you touch it with your fingers allot more than a solid body to my ears.

    I'm very glad it ended up being this guitar, initially I was in fact looking at telecasters, I'm sure that would have taken me a completely different direction, not necessarily a bad thing but as I said I'm happy with how things turned out and the direction its taken me :)
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