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My boy is back from medical school for the weekend and has brought great news with him. He's won a scholarship to research brain tumours over the next four years (summer holidays.) This will include £2k a year pay (no more Deliveroo for him - yay !) but more importantly he is being mentored by top professionals in the field which would do no harm in leading him to the specialisation that he wants which is brain surgery.

To put it in perspective, this is the medical equivalent of being selected for the youth team of a top six Premier League side - it really is that big a thing. We are soooo proud that I just couldn't keep it in. Sorry to brag.

There could be a stint at Harvard Medical School too.


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    Can't imagine why you wouldn't be proud about that KP, that really is quite something, to say the least. Congrats to the lad, and I do wish him well with his endevours.
  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    Quite right you should feel like mentioning it!

    A very talented lad you have there - I wish him well too! :smile:
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    Congrats kevin, and kevin jr. Thats fantastic news! You have every right to be proud, and no reason to apologise for bragging. That’s not branding, that’s just being a Dad. Good for you mate.. while I wouldn’t want to steal his thunder, you must be doing something right :)

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    Thanks chaps but I really shouldn't be putting this on a guitar forum.

    We've been with him throughout - his yearning to be a doctor started aged 14 so we read up on what to do and put all the things in place necessary for education and CV, including voluntary work in the health care sector (palliative care in his case.)

    Then there were the additionals such as DofE, sport (coaching, representing England orienteering) and the UCAT and BMAT aptitude tests on top of the IB exams (he didn't do A levels but his UCAS score equates to 4 A* and one B )

    Grades had to be flawless throughout GCSE. And then only one out of three medical schools offered him an interview.

    We knew they were wrong and can only surmise as to why. The scholarship vindicates us.

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    Nothing wrong with a proud dad moment. Congratulations to you as parents for getting him this far and congratulations to your son, I suspect he's played a part in it too. ;-)
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