Next project.

I am loving the sounds I am getting from this Strat with the "Blender circuit". I am so taken with it, I am thinking of buying a cheap Strat or Squier Strat, from Gumtree, Cash Generator, or the like, and doing the same mods to it as I did to the Stratru-caster. I spent less than £100 on the mods, which included changing the pups. If I got a Fender Strat I could probably forgo the pup change.
I am also going to have a serious look at the other blender diagram that was posted. Maybe go down that route, this time.
Time to start trawling the classified's.


  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,206Member
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    I am very pleased you like the blend circuit - when I first got into tinkering with guitar wiring, I went through an "every possible option with loads of switches" period, but in the end came to the conclusion this was a mistake. For one thing, I could never remember how things worked if I hadn't used the guitar in question for a while. So that blend circuit is an example of a more sensible mod for me - it maintains the standard pickup switching options, accessed in a standard way, and then just elegantly adds something extra.

    My tele (which copied the looks of your own) still has a Megi phase one type complicated circuit, and indeed I can never remember what does what. So that one is due for a change - I'm thinking maybe just a standard 3-way selector, and an extra pot or switch to add the middle strat pickup. Probably if was doing that build again, I wouldn't have put in the middle strat pickup, but this is hindsight.

    Another project I'm thinking about is to change things on the walnut strat I built - I might change the neck to an Allparts rosewood board one, like the one I used for my gold strat, just because it's so good. And also I've got a bit bored with the looks, so I may buy a pearl scratchplate and gold hardware to go for something like this:


    Perhaps I'm just deliberately finding myself projects though, having got to the stage where I can't justify any more guitars. All the best for your next project - I suspect you will end up with a very nice playing and sounding instrument, for not a lot of outlay. Also would be very interested if you tried that second blend circuit, and I've not yet done that one myself.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,220Member
    Nice looking guitar. Needs to be bashed about a bit and burned with cigarettes before it gets my juices going.
  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member
    Jocko - your very positive reaction to the blender circuit / pick-up mods show what a great value for money upgrade you made.

    And Graham - if some projects provide a satisfactory alternative to more guitars then the projects are well worth doing.

    I look forward to hearing how these various ideas might go forward.
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    Decided on Option 2. The cheaper option. I am going to purchase the necessary parts, plus a new pickguard, build it, then fit it to my American Standard Strat. I can always swap back if I get fed up with it, or prefer the original set up. All I have to split is the signal out and the earthing to the bridge. I may even go for a mini connector so it becomes "plug and play".
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    Kevin, that could be a service you could provide. I doubt you would have to inhale if you don’t want to.

    MarkP, I agree. One more guitar can be space consuming, but upgrading gives similar rewards.

    Graham, nothing wrong with keeping those creative juices going!

    Jocko, what a great idea. I have a blender circuit on my number 6, but found I don’t particularly need it as a knob. A DPDT switch works fine for me as I don’t need to subtly introduce the quack of the middle pickup.

    Mini connectors of some kind are great for that plug and play method - no soldering, just loosen strings, unscrew plug in and screw in! I have four for my partscaster strat and more on the way. I save space but feel like I have three extra guitars in a shoebox.
    It’s all exploration and finding what works for you. Good stuff!
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