Grandson's new additions.

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My grandson (the young one who has only been playing a year) got a new guitar and amp with his Christmas money. An Ibanez RGMS7-BK Iron Label Multi Scale 7 String and a Marshall CODE100 2x12 Combo. I had a shot of the axe with it's fan frets, and it was a joy to play. A definite first for me. He was dotting around the fretboard, like a pro.


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    Good for him. I hope it inspires him further.
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    An impressive looking thing! I do wish your grandson all the best with it, although I'm sure he will do just great anyhow. I did try a 7 string for a while myself, but came to the realisation that I'm too long in the tooth as a 6 string player - indeed I still have work to do to master that one, if I ever do. I've sometimes thought that if I was 30 years younger, I might want to try something really mad, like a fan-fret 9 string - it would have an extra 2 bass strings (a low B and lower still F#) and an extra high A string. But 6 strings will see me out now I think... :D
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    Working on another lovely guitar for my eldest grandson. It is a Tanglewood Evolution Electro-Acoustic, similar to this:

    He was working for Cash Generator when it came in, so he got it for a great price.

    He brought it to me because the jack socket was not attached properly. It appears that at sometime in its history the strap button has been removed (perhaps just the outer part was lost). Anyway it just pulls out of the body if you try and remove the jack plug.
    I ordered a Switchcraft socket, and while I wait on it dropping through the letter box I have been tinkering. The neck relief seems fine, but once the jack is repaired I will stick new D' Addario EXP11's on it. I will also clean and oil the neck, once I take the old strings off.
    I have re-cut the nut, to lower the action, and fitted a second strap button on the side of the neck heel. The cowboys, with their strap tied to the headstock with a bootlace, have a lot to answer for!
    Even with the old strings on I am really impressed with the Fishman system fitted to the guitar. It has a lovely open sound.
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    Fanned frets are not as odd as they look. I found I took to mine right away too. It’s just more natural.
    I’m sure your grandson will enjoy the extra range and creativity that the seventh strings gives you. Fun! Lucky lad!
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