Jim Dunlop has died

LesterLester Posts: 1,712Member, Moderator
There have been some big names in our industry over the years but Jim Dunlop must stand out as a big name in smaller things. He started out creating a stick-on tuner and then a capo that worked properly on his 12-string guitar. Who hasn't at some point used a Dunlop plectrum? He also bought and rejuvinated MXR, whose effects pedals include some classics. Jim died on Wednesday this week, 6th February.


  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,206Member
    Sad to hear this - he is not someone I have known a great deal about, or thought much about before I have to admit. His company has certainly helped my own guitar playing though, with well-considered and designed products - I've used a Dunlop capo before now, and recently discovered that the 207 and Flow Jumbo 3.0 plectrums suit me to a tee, after years of having to make my own. And I'm sure there are thousands of guitarists with similar experiences.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,223Member
    I use his stuff to this day. My oldest (only original) musical item is a brass JD capo which I have had from virtually the beginning and has been at every one of my gigs.
  • nicholaspaulnicholaspaul Posts: 1,005Member
    I have a Dunlop Cry Baby wah, picks, capos...probably other stuff too. For me his name is synonymous with music.
    What a legacy he leaves though. He did live.
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