She's a live one ! (Los Pacaminos)

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Los Pacaminos

What can I say ?

Seven middle-aged guys up on stage having a right laugh. Including one Paul Young of 1980's notoriety. WOW. I fell in love with the Fender Strat yet again ! Jamie Moses stole this show for sure with his mastery of this iconic instrument; a session player having served many great artists including Queen, not to mention his great voice and stage presence (the true leader of this band.)

What I loved was that Paul Young played such a modest part, letting everyone else have their go and not a hat laid to make this his home - only seven stetsons worn in brotherly fluorescent unison for this authentic Tex-Mex bonanza; especially Woody, the keyboardist/accordionist/vocalist who brought such joy and life to this show. Drew Barfield proved himself a stunning singer who added a poignant moment to an otherwise light hearted evening.

This band of brothers hit all the sweet spots, a zinging, swinging, chicken-pickin' fun-fest - including inviting my wife "babe of the evening" (out of a whole crowd) up on stage to distribute shots of Tequila among the band !

Yeehaw !!!

I have a photo of my wife giving a shot to Paul Young on stage hamming things up as she does ! (He said "Woah ! She's a live one !")

£18 a ticket. Get 'em while they're cheap. A meal at the local Wetherspoons made this evening out the bargain of the century - a road trip to America and back in two far too swift hours. Went in with a fist full of dollars and came out with a Fist Full of Statins (average age of audience 65)


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    I see from the website they do a cover of Junior Brown's Highway Patrol. There's a fellow who deserves much more acclaim than he gets!
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,218Member
    That was their opener. I am a convert.
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    They get local to me early December but I cant make the date. I'm a big fan of Paul Young since his days with the street band and the Q-Tips.
    He suffered with throat problems and all but lost his voice, terrible for a singer. He has recovered somewhat I'm glad to say but will never recover the higher register. I shall kep my eyes open for more dates.
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