PRS SE Repair / Mod / Up Grade electronics help.

Hi All, its been ages.
So 7 years in and my PRS SE C24 is still going strong, some lovely play wear but still very usable, however the pots are now getting very noisy and even after a good clean out they are scratchy and the push pull is loose.

So I am going to replace both Pots and remove the push pull and look at having minim toggles instead so I can have other p/up options such as Neck H/Bucker - Bridge S/Coil to give more sound options.

Can some of you lovely folks give me some advice please.

Which Pots should I go for seeing as the P/Ups are H/Buckers but can split do I go 500K or 250K, also what brand would you recommend - CTS?

Also I plan to use mini toggles - so do I need on/on or on/off/on.. the options are endless, I haven't fully investigated the cavity of my guitar yet but know there is plenty of room.

Advice and assistance greatly appreciated.

Regards Jon


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