Internet collaboration

During these difficult times I have been isolated now for eighteen days. I have managed to keep myself occupied with the usual jobs and lots of time spent with my music. My bass player Frank lives in the next village and we chat regularly on the phone but also I record my voice and guitar which I then send to him to put his bass on before he sends it back. Up till now this is working quite well so I thought you might be interested to hear our third track "Amazed" which was completed and posted today. Hope you like it.


  • LesterLester Posts: 1,720Member, Moderator
    Tel, I really enjoyed that, especially the timbre of your voice.
  • Just TelJust Tel Posts: 514Member
    Thanks Lester.
    Last Sunday I did a gig from my back garden for my neighbours. I played through two Marshall AS50D amps plus a Roland Street Cube so I had sound projecting in three directions. It worked well and I played for 90 minutes to bring a little light relief during these strange times.
    I have never played before to an audience that were remote and it was weird hearing applause etc from an audience that I couldn't see.
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