OK, i'm going to get me a decent acoustic!

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OK, i'm going to get me a decent acoustic! So far i've been a strictly electric player dabbling in acoustics for a couple of months back in the mid 90's.

Before you roll your eye's, i'm not going to ask you what i should buy, i have a pretty good idea already (but suggestions are always welcome!).

This is what i'm looking for:

smaller body (dread is the absolute max, 00 minimum)
I'll be looking for something that is easy to play but, and this is probably the most important something that suits me and that i'm not going to be looking to upgrade a couple of months later.

I've started saving (don't want to go on the never, never) and i'm doing my research. Because Cardiff, my local city, is no readily accessable regularly for me (i work full time and have a young family so my time is precious) i'll pop into Cranes and Gamlins a couple of times but, unless an absolute bargain comes up in the meantime, i intend to buy around the end of Feb next year.

Believe me, this is an exercise in restraint on my part. I have bought electrics over the net before and been staggeringly lucky but i fully intend to have a good idea what i want, a pocket full of cash and a good deal of time to play a bunch of acoustics before deciding on what i'll get.

I'm lucky in the fact that i help out with a promotions company who specialise in acoustic artists and, through that, i have made some friends who are quite accomplished acoustic guitarists and have offered to go with me when i go to buy. The thing is, if i go shopping on the 15th February, i'll take Don Ross and Brooke Miller but if i hold off until the beginning of March i can take Bjorn Berge or Thomas Leeb!

I think i really need to try the different woods and see what sound i like. I'm drawn to the Martin 000-15M (all Mahogany) but i also like the Taylor GA3 (Spruce and Sapele)and the Guild F-130R (Spruce and Rosewood). The list is by no means exhaustive so, if you have any experience with the guitars or any similar that you would recommend, let me know!


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    You are wise to be saving up and to not be impatient about finding the right guitar. I haven't played any of the three you are considering.

    The one thing I would say, having had both excellent and horrendous experiences of buying guitars over the internet, is that a guitar from a dealer that understands that the customer needs someone in the shop to be acting in their interest. Richard's Guitars is one of the excellent examples (look at his advert in the yellow box on the right) and many here bear testimony to the fact that a properly prepared and set-up guitar outperforms more expensive guitars bought from a box shifter. So choose carefully who you buy from.
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    I would strongly suggest you speak to Richard about the Stonebridge range, I have two and recommend them highly

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    On a lot of forums Taylor owners will try to sway you to a Taylor with what almost appears to be evangelism. You'll hear stories of how the Taylor neck "plays like butter" and other stuff. The thing is a lot of electric players do seem to find themselves drawn to Taylor's because of this BUT there are loads of guitars out there with great, easy playing necks. My Gibson Songriter Deluxe Studio plays fantastically and has really easy playability and sublime tones. But I knew after 25 years of playing that the Gibson sound was what I wanted and nothing else would do.

    The thing to do is, if you can, try as many guitars as you can (that same old chestnut I know). Some will bond with you immediately and others won't. Guitars are incredibly subjective. For example, I was in Richard's showroom yesterday and ended up buying a Faith. I tried a Stonebridge and Breedlove. I loved the Breedlove but it wasn't for me and I just didn't like the Stonebridge neck and it didn't feel comfortable to me. But to you it might be the ultimate instrument.

    I came away with having purchased a Faith Neptune which I think, bar my Gibson, is one of the nicest guitars I've ever played, but you might pick it up and think it plays like a dog (although I seriously doubt that, lol). But my point is, forum members can only ever give their experiences and preferences but we are all different and one size definitely doesn't fit all when it comes to guitars.

    As Gary says, you could do far worse than talk to Richard. He was a smashing guy and he has a real passion for guitars. It was a real pleasure to deal with him and he's not just a salesman that doesn't care what he sells you so long as he makes a buck.
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    Your quite right Steelarts. Taylor is just a name and that doesn't necessarily make every Taylor a great guitar. Everyone is individual and therefore plays differently. When I bought my last acoustic I tried many guitars in the shop and finally settled on a Sheridan which I had never heard of prior to this. Not an expensive guitar by some standards(£400 before haggling for discount) but immediately knew it was the one for me. It played easily and sounded great to my ear.It is now my go to instrument and the one that I usually gig with. Of course I still try other guitars in shops but I wouldn't part with my Sheridan.
    I know that a set up performs wonders to a guitar but also think it's important to play the guitar that you are purchasing before parting with your money
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    Have you got the guitar you settled on or are you still looking for the right one ?
  • Just TelJust Tel Posts: 514Member
    Hi Budsy, Whilst I am always looking and who isn't, I am still very satisfied with my Sheridan and any guitar that I might buy in the future would be in addition to the Sheridan and not a replacement for it.Anyway my wife says that I can't buy anymore stuff.
  • BUDSY1BUDSY1 Posts: 138Member
    Thats No problems then Tel and if your happy with the guitar you have then WHY bother with another

    as at the end of the day we all can only play the one guitar plus saves little on buying more say strings as less strings to change \:\)
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    I must admit that up to about two days ago,I would have recommended a Taylor. But after watching a Canadian Luthier on Youtube talking about all the Taylors that he keeps getting in to repair, I am of a different mind. I've just bought a used Sigma Martin GCS-4C off Ebay that looks really nice. I won't know until I get it, but reading the write ups, they seem to be a really good cheap guitar. I think there is a lot of snobbery out there when it comes to guitars. An expensive guitar is not necessarily a good one! Gibson seem to have a good track record, but the thing that put me off Gibson acoustics was their scale length. I prefer the shorter Gibson style 24.75" scale length as opposed the the very common 25.5" one. But apparently Gibson acoustics are 25.5". Hence the reason I went for the Sigma Martin. It is really easy to --ooops naughty word-- your money away on a really expensive guitar that actually plays and sounds no better than a cheaper one. Unless you are doing a lot of studio work, I don't think it makes much difference. Again it depends what you are going to do with it.
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    I've had a Sigma from new for about 15 years,apart from the action going a bit higher over the years as I put lighter and lighter strings on it it's held up very well and plays with a good volume and tone.

    There is an issue with the headstock glue join actually,

    looks as ugly as hell but holds up ok so..
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    Not really made my mind up yet. I want to play as many as i can before buying but i like the look and feel of the Martin 000-15m and 00-15m. The solid mahobany construction and smaller body size appeal to me. I don't think i need a cutaway, binding or amplification so i'd sacrifice these and make up the difference in material and construction.

    Still saving, still looking and we'll see how it goes!
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     Originally Posted By: Seorie

    A suggestion for a used guitar would be an Eastman E-OM20 or E-OM10, IMO equivalent to name brands costing twice and even three times as much. When I played them in 2010 at Ivor Mairants in London they retailed @ £730 !!! so it's possible you might come across a secondhand one.
    There other models are excellent VFM also.
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