Tokai LP with Gibson pickups

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I've had it mind for a couple of years that I don't like Les Pauls and my SG is all I need for rock duties. Them I saw Gaslight Anthem live and it was double LPs all night, and THEN this came up for trade with its owner looking for a Squier Jaguar. Today the trade was done...

Tokai LP with Gibson pickups. Not sure exactly what they are until I open her up while I change strings but it sounds lovely and looks splendid.


  • zoglugzoglug Posts: 314Member
    Very nice indeed!
  • atomheartatomheart Posts: 39Member
    Looks interesting, what year is it?
  • stickyfiddlestickyfiddle Posts: 355Member
    It's a c2000 Korean according to the seller. I'm not super-hot on Tokai numbering, but FG06 implies it might be a 2006 Chinese to me. Either way the weight is not too ridiculous, it's nice and resonant and the pickups sound great.

    He reckons the pickups are 70's Gibsons, in which ase they're almost certainly getting removed and sold and replaced with something cheaper!
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    Good looking guitar.

    Most importantly - it sounds good to you!

    The Tokai guitars are swines for identifying country of manufacture and year they were made - or even to be sure they're not fakes. I remember that from intensive searches a few years back - many searches on threads on the Tokai forum - I ended up giving up looking for used and bought new that time. The site even says about Korean models that "a date scheme has yet to be determined". Not to mention the difficulties of identifying what any model number might mean. The fact they change the number every few years because it's a number based on price and has to be change d due to inflation doesn't help.

    But ... despite all that ... Toakai make some damn great guitars.

    A local "specialist" guitar shop tried to make out a used Tokai Les Paul they had was a 1980s model ... lawsuit sought after era ... turned out it was made around 2000.
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