PRS Custom 24 not holding its tuning

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I currently own a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 with locking tuners and have used it for years for various gigs. I've always had a problem with it detuning as I use dropped and open tunings in my own songs and am just wondering if that is just what happens with locking tuners or if there is something I can do. It won't stay in tune no matter how long the strings have been on so I have had to keep it in one tuning for gigs and now use a Dean Soltero for the other tunings as it doesn't have locking tuners and handles the tunings very well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    With locking tuners the idea is just to pass the string through the tuner, pull the slack out of it and firmly tighten up the locking wheel.  No wraps around the tuner as for ordinary tuners.  Is that how you do it?

    If so, have you tried treating the tuners as if they were non locking?  That might be worth a try.

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    Having upgraded to locking tuners, I'm not sure they're really worth it, unless you are talking about the locking ones you get with a Floyd Rose.
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    Only benefit I can see with the Schaller style locking tuners is they make string changing easier.

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    Originally Posted by Jocko:


    Only benefit I can see with the Schaller style locking tuners is they make string changing easier.


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    Something doesn't sound right. Check that you are restringing whichever version of the locking tuners you have according to PRS' method, here:

    If you cannot get them to stay in tune I would take your guitar to a guitar tech and get him to sort it out.

    Lester, a 1991 PRS Custom 24 owner with the winged locking tuners.

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    I like the locking tuners I have on my SG. They certainly won't cure all tuning problems but they help a little. Reason: There is very little string wound on the peg so less to stretch in. If the problem is confined to times when you change/drop the tuning, You should be checking how well the strings slide through the nut or even the bridge saddles. If there's any constriction it will play havoc with tuning at a gig where time is important. Possibly at home you have more time to fiddle about until it settles again.

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