Wanted: Semi-Cutaway Electro Acoustic, less than £300.

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A question that must get asked a thousand times, so once more won't hurt. I'm after a Semi-Cutaway Electro Acoustic for less than £300. Ideally with a fast slim neck as I have fairly small hands. Was looking at the Ibanez AEG range, but I'm open to suggestions. A shorter 24 3/4" scale length would be nice too!It just saves me going around the shops trying out hundreds of guitars!Thanks allAde


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    Speak to Richard, he'll give you good advice. Just click the Chat with Richard tab when he's online.

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    Hobbio's right that Richard, owner of this forum and Richard's Guitars, knows his stuff and specialises in the price range you are looking at. He also does an amazing job setting up guitars for his customers.

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    Many thanks, just waiting for Richard to get back to me now.

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    Hi! again all. I spoke to Richard today online. Very helpful. I've bought a

    Faith Venus HiGloss Concert Cut w/L4020 HEX (FVHG-HEX.

    I just hope that I've made the right move. A bit more than I was intending to pay, but a lot cheaper than the likes of Martin, Taylor, Maton etc.

    I'll put some pics on when I receive it.



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    Hi Ade,


    A few months ago I bought a Faith Parlour with the same pickup/preamp.  I also bought from Richard.  The guitar is really well made and is maturing nicely.  The pickup/preamp is sensational.  I've struggled for years getting a decent amplified acoustic sound and this sorted it in one go.  It provides a damn good acoustic tone - not anywhere near as harsh as many I've heard.  But the real killer feature is the individual string volume control.  All of a sudden it's solved the issues of one or two strings booming.  I've tried in the past using a graphic equaliser, but that worked on frequency, not string so you'd get one setting right but the problem would then move around the fretboard.


    I think you'll be absolutely made up with the Faith - don't worry and start looking out the window for the delivery man..


    Cheers, Reg.

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    That is a wonderful guitar. I have the naked version and it's, IMHO, the best balanced of all the Faith range. You will love it.  

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