Anyone see the Turner prize?

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Anyone see the Turner prize?

I did and thought it was great that someone won it with art that takes a great degree of skill to produce and also has a strong message.

The bloke also seemed like a right laff, he obviously has a great sense of humour (if not colour) wearing a dress like that!

One in the eye for the "oh so serious up your own bum grey as fog" art establishment.

Anyway that's what I thought.



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    It certainly made a change that the art was actualy a piece of art and not just some conceptual bul**** designed to titilate jaded judges. But of course you can't have everything normal at a turner prize so the chap winning it collecting his prize in a £2500 dress was an eye opener, but good luck to him. \:D
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    the dress thing is a whole alter ego. he has a doll that he dresses identically to and has a seperate name and personality apparently

    good luck to him i say

    of her.... \:\)
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