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ewwwwwwww what a horrid day. Have spent all day in a chicken 'processing' plant (i.e full of interesting machines to kill/dismember/flay/mangle chicky lickys) where the birdies are killed in there thousands for us to eat. This as part of my job which is servicing/repairing high pressure jetwashing systems, there being lots of these in slaughterhouses and the like. I thought last week on the cow killing factory was bad, working away next to the bin full of cows feet and skins and the vat of blood, but the SMELL of this chicken place, not to mention the bits/entrails all over the place ohhhhhhhhhhhh the horror!

Am seriously thinking of going veggie now.

I preferred the doughnut factory I went to, or the breweries or Bentley/Rolls Royce factories.

Whats worse, Im back there tomorrow


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    Now in my 3rd year of vegetarianism. It's the thoughts like that that stop me stopping it.
  • that is the kinda reason why I became vegetarian last year, I reckon if you cna't kill it and prepare it yourself, why eat it.

    We have some chickens at home, and its such a shame that it has come to pismembering them in horrid machines because the meat is so much better when its been brought up nicely and killed humanely
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    [/qb][/QUOTE]By the way, I think there's something unpleasant about just about everything we eat if you find out enough about it. So don't look into these things too much - you'll end up starving to death![/QB][/QUOTE]

    Never been a truer word. I made the mistake of looking up some of the so called ingredients on some things. It was quite frightening whats actually in there. Especially the product ingredient list that look more like some kind of bizarre science experiment equipment list

    I've been veggie for about 7 or 8 years now. Although my reasons aren't really based around the moral argument thats still factor. Did anyone watch "Full on Food" that time where the guy had to pick his own cow to have slaughtered and prepared for food. The poor guy couldn't eat the steak after meeting the cow even though it was free range and was killed pretty humanely.
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    so true frogman- i couldn't *not* eat bacon...

    but i agree that the way it's all done these days is bad. it's not as humane as it could be, and the quality of the food you get at the end is much lower than say, 30 years ago.

    did you guys see that programme about supermarkets and how a chicken has a pint of fat in it?! that's ridiculous- no healthy bird the size of a chicken should have half that!
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    I tried to turn vegetarian when I was about 20, but I only lasted two weeks. The smell of pork chops cooking was too much for me! I suppose humans are naturally omnivorous.

    I know I'm being hypocritical in eating meat even though I don't approve of the way it's produced. If I had to kill my own, I wouldn't eat nearly so much.

    The Holocaust is thought to be one of the worst atrocities ever committed, but we do far worse to animals. These killing plants are truly horrific and evil.

    Noddyman, can you ask your bosses not to send you to slaughterhouses? You could mention legislation against imposing excessive stress on employees.

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    i'm on my second stint as a veggie and this time i'm old enough to cook properly(ish) so i think its permanant. been 5 years so far.

    my attitude is the same as BB's if i couldn't kil it and prepare it i won't eat it. therefore i'll eat prawns as i reckon i could take one of them down no worries.

    have you seen a tuna though..... big buggers with sharp pointy teeth
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    Unfortunately Dave, the very nature of the job means a large proportion of these systems I work on are in slaughterhouses, and most of them are in food factories. The saving grace is that most of the time they are tucked away in a boiler house/plant room somewhere away from the full horror and it pays pretty well for this type of work. Also as its mobile I get around a lot and about half my day is spent driving about the northern half of England and Wales (in an area from Lincoln to Carlisle, Anglesey to York with the Isle of Man thrown in for a saily trip away)

    I did spend some time today looking in morbid fascination at the processes involved (I wont elaborate!!) and you can see how necessary it is to detach and desensitize oneself. Im just thankful that I dont have to do it for a living, that I have a good, useful and marketable range of engineering skills and experience. I couldnt spend all day up to my knees in chickens feet and blood and guts.
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    I can see how you would get bored with veggie food - but I find it actually gives me a bigger variety. In fact, it's being bored with some of it that makes me try more things out. That and getting bored when I'm cooking.
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    ..... You've eaten that for god knows how long..... Why change?

    But i must say, if you are gonna turn a veggie.... Get a Cranks Cook Book!!!! (for vegies obviously)

    My Dads a vegie, aand you can make some kick ass stuff with them green things!!!

    But i prefer abit of meat... or chicken! And i know hoe its all done, ive seen it myself, but it doesnt change my mind...

    Each to their own!
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