Physical problem with my wrist

BluesnewbieBluesnewbie Posts: 13Member
Hi all
I need your help! Due to a physical problem with my wrist I am having to adapt everything My main stumbling block is where do I start chords, open notes or scales ?

Can you help point me in the right direction


  • divdiv Posts: 217Member
    I guess knowing what you can and cant do would be usefull to give advise on?

    I currently have a fractured wrist and have kind of been playing it by ear .. no punn intended and been trying a little of everything to see what i can and cant do.

    We are all different and not knowing your limitations i cant really advise, for myself single notes are fine, bends are out, barr chords are out, slides are out so making do with simple open chords and single notes for now.

    I guess if its long term and you have to adapt everything, it should be the same as first learning i guess (although someone with far more experience than me may shoot me down in flames here) so maybe start with the simple chords and work from there?

    not sure thats any use at all but i think its kind of a suck it and see??
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    Hi Bluesnewbie,

    sorry to hear about your predicament but can you enlarge on that a bit for us please?

    Is it a temporary problem or permanent?

    How is it affecting your playing etc?

    I'd have to say on first reading that you should start with what you can still do the easiest or maybe ,if it's possible for you, spend some time on alternate tunings and try using a slide if you don't already.
  • BluesnewbieBluesnewbie Posts: 13Member
    Hi guys
    The problem is permanent reducing the wrists ability to bend & therefore my ability to form chord shapes / play open notes etc That is why I am having to adapt everything & be to a certain extent self taught (my hand cant go where it should ! )

    As a total beginner I cannot play anything much so really starting from scratch hence getting very disheartened
    Thanks for help
  • Ape09090Ape09090 Posts: 2,744Member
  • divdiv Posts: 217Member
    sorry to hear that.

    Something like ape's suggestion or maybe a bit of slide guitar?

    Although mine is not perminant i have found that using different fingers to form the chords has helped me while my wrist is stright.. not sure if that would help you? but it may be worth a go? to be honest if you havent learnt the chords already it maybe an advantage.
    I am lucky that i have a guitar with a nice thin neck which really suits the playing i have to do at the moment. Not sure on how you stand with kit but if your looking at buying i am sure it would be worth going to a local music store to try a few out (as you always should) and see if something works for you? i'd also hope that if you found a decent teacher they may be able to help you round things. If its just chords your after a guitar case chord chart or book .. or look around online as you can find different forms of the same chord which may fit you better.

    Of course the last few involve that evil money thing.

    In the main dont get disheartened there will be a way around it. And why not as others have done use it to your advantage and start to create your own way of doing things.
  • Ape09090Ape09090 Posts: 2,744Member
    I think if you're new to guitars then you can look on it as a positive thing.
    What is no doubt a hindrance in your normal life can be turned into something that will give you a unique and personal take on things as a musician.
    If you're into the idea of slide then you can try that,it doesn't have to be used for bluesy stuff either.
    Tune the guitar to a major chord and see how you get on,then try tuning it to a minor chord and see what happens.
    After that you have all the 'normal' open tunings,D and G etc but the world's your oyster as far as finding tunings goes,

    this guy plays with tunings and he posts what he tunes to in the description.

    Give us a clue as to what you listen to anyway....
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