Should I have my guitar set up?

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When my wife brought my guitar for me it came in the post. I just brought a tuner, and started to play it. As I'm a novice it sounds ok to me, but!

Should I have it set up at a music shop? I'm told they play better if set up correctly?

It's a Fender strat.



  • LurcherLurcher Posts: 710Member
    I think the first thing is to check if it feels and plays ok. Are there any buzzing sounds on any strings when held to any frets? Can you measure the height of the high E string above the 12th fret? That should be under 1.5mm for comfort. If it fails either of these tests, you probably do need it set up better.
    Yes, the simple answer is to take it to a reputable shop and get it done, hand over £50 or so and repeat every 6-12 months.
    A far better way is to learn to do it yourself. There are many youtube videos explaining what needs to be done and how to correct any faults. There are a few threads in the archives here that do the same in text format.

    By the way, lots of us here are very jealous of someone who can have a fine guitar to learn on. It will make it a much easier and enjoyable process.

  • richardhbrichardhb Posts: 42Member
    Thanks Brian, thats a nice thing to say. It was a retirement gift from my wife, along with a Paevey amp.

    I will have a look on Youtube. I've just fitted some new strings, and found that not too easy, but it was my first effort.

    Does everyone get sore fingers at the start, the more I press the more sore they get?
  • atomheartatomheart Posts: 39Member
    "Does everyone get sore fingers at the start"

    Yes, don't worry, it'll go away in a couple of days as the skin on your fingers thickens. :^)
  • Ape09090Ape09090 Posts: 2,744Member
    a little drop of superglue to the end of a sore finger tip can work wonders,just don't go over the top with it...
  • LesterLester Posts: 1,680Member, Moderator
    I am not sure whether superglue on the fingertips will help your fingertips adjust to the guitar quicker. I suspect not but have no evidence.

    I have used superglue on the end of my index finger once when I cut a fingertip on a broken glass in the washing up just a couple of hours before a gig. It was painful to play but the cut was successfully held closed all evening.
  • Ape09090Ape09090 Posts: 2,744Member
    no,it may help break the fingers in gently though,hopefully
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