I'm looking for venues throughout the UK

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Is there a venue near you that you think would be a great venue for acoustic music or one that regularly features acoustic artists?

I'm looking for venues throughout the UK that would like to host world class acoustic events. Ideally i'd be looking for between 150-200 capacity and with an appreciative potential audience. Smaller venues could be considered as well.

If you like going out and listening to acoustic music and can suggest venues in England, Scotland, Wales and the Emerald Isle then drop me a line. If we successfully book a venue for our artists in a venue you have suggested, then you could be getting a couple of complimentary tickets to the gig, hang around at the sound check and get to meet the artists, maybe even a little bit of complimentary merch!

At the moment we are looking at booking tours for the following artists next year:

Don Ross
Brooke Miller
Craig D'Andrea
Jimmy Wahlsteen
Trevor Gordon Hall
Gareth pearson
Mike Dawes
Melissa Greener
Owen Van Larkins
Chris Woods
Bjorn Berg

as well as many others. Most of our artists are also available to do workshops and masterclasses so if you know of music college, club or venue that would be suitable, again, let me know.

So, you know anywhere suitable? Drop me a line or add to the thread, after all, it is acoustic music we are promoting and it's the audience and artists that benefit!


  • HarrythecatHarrythecat Posts: 77Member
    This is a small venue in Sheffield. Regular gigs with acoustic and other bands. Wide range of styles:


    They only work through promoters as you'll see from their site. Stuart Basford is a nice bloke.
  • Spencer LeeSpencer Lee Posts: 36Member
    Cheers Harry, we'll look into that mate, much appreciated.
  • steelartssteelarts Posts: 37Member
    I live in Chipping Norton, in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds and we have a great, fabulously supported small theatre in town that often has some fantastic performers; anything from Martin Simpson to Fairport Convention. http://www.chippingnortontheatre.co.uk/index.php

    We also have a super town hall that is home each year to a fabulous music festival http://www.cnmf.org.uk/

    Plus we have a jazz festival every year that uses both the town hall and local pubs. Hope this is of help, we love our music here!
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    I'm trying to find a good acoustic venue near Portsmouth in Hampshire if anyone knows of any.
  • MattSMattS Posts: 20Member
    You could look to The Stables in Milton Keynes. They tend to have a wide range of artists, last act I saw there was Julian Cope but that was many years ago now.

  • DruidDruid Posts: 258Member
    There's The Musician in Leicester (Capacity 220)

    The Musician

    and The Flower Pot in Derby (Capacity 250)

    The Flower Pot

    both could be worth a looksee
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    Look into the Folk clubs in the UK. They are small but there are loads of them and they meet every night of the week. It would be possible to create a tour going nightly from club to club.

    Also, during the summer the UK has loads of Folk Festivals.

    Both the clubs and the festivals have a built-in audience that will be receptive.

    Hope this helps!
  • meandmyguitarmeandmyguitar Posts: 25Member
    Taylor Johns - At the canal basin in Coventry - worth a look!!
  • SeorieSeorie Posts: 165Member
    yeah out on the scottish west coast there are a few couthie ceilidh places but ya'd need to do a search for such venues in glasgow and edinburgh for commercially run acoustic gig venues - I know Witherspoon's do stuff like that around collage / uni campus areas.

    I think it's called'contemporary folk guitar'music
  • Spencer LeeSpencer Lee Posts: 36Member
    Cheers people, this is a great response. I'm going to contact most of these venues or their local promoters and see how we are fixed. If we book a venue that you have suggested, i'll contact you and give you a pair of free tickets to the gig of your choice. We have loads coming up early next year; Jimmy Wahlsteen, Trevor Gordon Hall, Craig D'Andrea as well as brooke Miller and Don Ross coming back in Feb. Thanks again everyone, much appreciated.
  • SeorieSeorie Posts: 165Member


    Ideal for those acts, if you'r connected
  • OldboybobOldboybob Posts: 17Member
    Pacific road arts centre in Birkenhead is very well known for performing guitarists. It even has a reputable luthiers on site (KGB Guitars)
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