What other things people are into?

SkoylieSkoylie Posts: 58Member
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We obviously all have guitars and music as a hobby otherwise we wouldn't be hear. I was just wondering what other things people are into. Mine are martial arts, cycling and photography.


  • zoglugzoglug Posts: 314Member
    Im a big cyclist, both road cycling and mountain biking. I am also a keen gamer too, so play a lot of online games (i waste so much time doing this when i could be doing so much more other stuff).

    I also have a 3 year old, so he keeps me on my toes and busy too!
  • GilbyGilby Posts: 87Member
    I don't seem to get much free time since living on a narrow boat. Far too many chores and maintenance. Used to fish a lot when we lived near the lea valley but have hardly bothered on the canal (not many sizeable fish to catch, kind of loses its appeal).
    Do intend to get a bit of cycling in once we get back on land (cross country, I dislike the term mountain biking. Spent many hours hacking through Epping forest, never seen a mountain!)
  • john87300john87300 Posts: 162Member
    Maintaining a large 200 year old French house with over 3/4 of an acre of gardens, helping Madame run her B&B, cooking for us and the guests, exercising and training a year old Border Collie and trying to practise for at least an hour a day doesn't leave too much time to do other things. It's a very busy life being retired tired
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    Xbox 360, photography, ballroom and Latin dancing and reading. Cannot get enough of Lee Child at the moment. Reading the Jack Reacher series before Tom Cruise spoils it for me.
  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,191Member
    Archery - first learnt this sport about 23 years ago, and compete regularly at county level. Reading - fiction and factual - I like Haruki Murakami very much as an author, also a lot of sci-fi. I'm interested in astronomy and science as well. But music really is the biggie for me.
  • The23rdmanThe23rdman Posts: 1,560Member
    Up until January I was a pro photographer, but since giving up I've hardly used a camera even though I'd still class it as a hobby. I love to read and write (I write for a living) too, but my big passion outside of music is consciousness expansion. I am fascinated by the limitless capacity we have to experience and the journey we can take to explore inner space through both meditation and technology.
  • Green NinjaGreen Ninja Posts: 412Member
    guitars, photography and motorcycles have been constants of my life since 18. Gave up bikes on 2010 and sold my ZXR (still think of myself as a biker, just don't actually have one) and replaced it with a Focus ST and treking in Africa every couple of years. Aside from that I do a little astronomy, enjoy a good game - currently killing time on Skyrim until XBO comes out in Nov. I decided recently that I should learn how to draw - results are pretty poor, but improving!
  • LesterLester Posts: 1,704Member, Moderator
    It feels like school will never end as my day is basically filled with studying; studying the Bible, studying Slovak and studying music. Add in a bit of exercise (cycling, walking, swimming, squash) and that's me in a nutshell.
  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 963Member
    Gardening, a few flowers and some Veg, not much space but it's tranquil and satisfying. Cycling, again not much but at my age and weight it's a nice steady and enjoyable option.
  • kiruyakiruya Posts: 4Member
  • LurcherLurcher Posts: 710Member
    I pluck, I snap, and I plan revolution. That is, when the family duties allow time. Its fun being 'differently employed'.
  • Skyline_UKSkyline_UK Posts: 110Member
    I'm retired so busy with all sorts of things...sorry, we parked folk do like to rub it in a bit. wink

    Besides playing in my band, song writing and home recording, I like shooting full bore rifle - making holes in paper with .38, .357 and .223 calibers. A major part of the fun is reloading my own rounds. I also like reading history, especially about the American West.
  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,203Member
    Black belt Shotokan karate (Open Circle and Shikon - Ju Jutsu and boxing too in the past)

    Running, dinghy sailing, power boating, blogging, airgunning and hiking. Scout group chairman and safety rep at work.

    Train driving is my job.
  • martinsmith99martinsmith99 Posts: 375Member
    Photography, lifting weights, sometimes birdwatching.
  • Skyline_UKSkyline_UK Posts: 110Member
    What a great assortment of hobbies and pastimes! So we're not closeted all the time cradling our favourite guitar mumbling sweet nothings to it! grin
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    Since retiring I now do washing, dusting and hoovering!
  • ShortFingersShortFingers Posts: 48Member
    I do some volunteer work for the Mountain Bothies Association who maintain open shelters in remote areas of Britain mainly in the Scottish Highlands and indeed it was because of this that I got the inspiration to take up the guitar (aged 47) the accoustic is the bothy instrument of choice and theres few things better than sitting in front of the fire at night wi the candles on listening to some good tunes enjoying a nice malt in good company. I also do some long distance walking and Iam currently doing the Cape Wrath Trail. I also enjoy the occasional game of darts and if am being honest am better at darts than the guitar but that dosent mean am good even though av been playing nearly forty years !
  • BuzzwagonBuzzwagon Posts: 143Member
    I'm a National Observer for motorbikes with the IAM, which basically means I'm qualified to teach advanced motorcycling in preparation for the IAM test.

    Bikes are a huge passion for me, I've ridden for 36 years and in that time had in the region of 50 bikes. I've ridden all over Europe as far as Bosnia and Croatia and I've been a London Courier which is the toughest work I've ever done. Current bike is BMW R1200GS as these days I like the bikes to fit me rather me to fit the bikes!

  • originalnemooriginalnemo Posts: 109Member
    I don't have many hobbies outside of guitar if i'm honest. I do enjoy gardening when I get a chance, and I have a passion for formula one and rugby (although I don't play). I also enjoy travelling.
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    I am keen on Formula 1 as well. My wife bought me a Single Seater Experience at Knockhill as part of my 65th birthday present. Haven't been up yet. Think I am too big to fit into their cars!
  • originalnemooriginalnemo Posts: 109Member
    Would love to give that a go! Haven't had a chance to visit Knockhill yet, but travel through Fife fairly often, so will need to have a look. They have some pretty good driving experiences on offer!
  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator
    Knockhill must be the only part of the planet Global Warming hasn't reached yet. It is a cold, exposed place, even on a fine day.
  • AlbionLassAlbionLass Posts: 43Member

    Apart from music I love cycling, pretty much all road at the moment, looking to do some time trialing next year and maybe some cyclo X. Bit of a Strava addict ( I have something of a competitive streak). Do a bit of running from time to time too.

    Love real ale, I'm spoiled living in Derby with so many fabulous pubs and local breweries.

    Also love my three dogs (two border collies and a mixed breed) and two parrots (an African grey and a Senegal).

    Apart from that little lot I love books and films.

  • pakamakpakamak Posts: 153Member

    apart from the family which occupies 95% of awake time out of work, all my stuff is music based. photographer for a job but like shooting bands and making music videos, collect vinyl and spend too much time obsessing about different bands, currently guttermouth

  • Green NinjaGreen Ninja Posts: 412Member
    Originally Posted by Jocko:
    I am keen on Formula 1 as well. My wife bought me a Single Seater Experience at Knockhill as part of my 65th birthday present. Haven't been up yet. Think I am too big to fit into their cars!

    I did one of these at Brands - there's plenty of elbow room in the cars - not quite bathtubs, but not far off.  it is a humbling experience, not matter how good a driver you think you are, it all changes on track.....

  • Green NinjaGreen Ninja Posts: 412Member
    Originally Posted by AlbionLass:


    Also love my three dogs (two border collies and a mixed breed) 



    I also have a border collie-  two and half year old tri-colour

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