I'm looking to get a new electric

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I'm looking to get a new electric in the new year, February/March time. Looking for a Les Paul type, have owned the real thing on the past, '02 and '03 Standards and an '03 Studio. Selling them was the worst thing I've ever done. Have a budget of 500-600 and am looking at a Burny, either a 'burst, Lemon Drop or a white custom or a Gibson LPJ. Have owned an Epiphone LP standard in the past (uninspiring) and a Vintage Icon Lemon Drop (nice to play, very ropey build quality).The guitar will be my main electric. I don't mind the matt finish and black hardware on the Gibson, not sure about the maple neck but it's a USA made Gibson so it has the badge and the same pickups that my Studio had. The Burnys look great. What is build quality and fit and finish like?How is availability?


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    I've handled 3 Burn LPs (HB, P90 & P100 versions) and all seemed very well finished, in fact I thought they were at least on par with Gibson.  If I was buying an LP, I'd look at either Burny or Tokai before Gibson.

    Unfortunately, I blew my LP money on my Explorer. image

    IMO, an LP with a maple neck is like playing rugby in flip flops. image
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    My experience is the same as Martin's, my two Burny guitars are better made than my Gibson. I will say though that the Gibson pickups sound better than Burny pickups so I imagine the best option would be a Burny with replacement pickups (which doesn't have to be done straight away).

    The care, service and setup you get from Richards Guitars makes a Burny even more attractive.

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    Originally Posted by Lester:


    The care, service and setup you get from Richards Guitars makes a Burny even more attractive.

    This was also my thinking. 

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    I'm a total Gibson fanboy...but I think you might be disapointed by an LPJ if you try one in the flesh. It's. It so much the finish, but the 'finish'. Every one I've played has had sharp protruding fret tangs, and just felt a little, well, shoddy.


    if you are used to standards, I would strongly recommend you get an LPJ in hand before buying one.


    if, however, you can stretch to one of the Tributes (2013 models), that's a whole different story. I don't agree about Burny's being better made, personally. Gibson get a bad rap, and I'm sure they produce bad examples, but (most of) the recent guitars are very well put together. The problem is, if you pay a similar price as for a Far Eastern guitar, but made at American wage rates, something has to give. So the Juniors, LPJs and the likes do tend to suffer a little.


    So, whilst I love Gibson, have rarely if ever actually witnessed the bad quality that lots of people seem to encounter, and would definitely recommend a 2013 Tribute, if you can't stretch to the £770 required, I'd be cautious aboute the LPJ.

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    I hadn't really considered a Tribute. I don't rule one out, will just take a few more months of saving with accompanying concerns about the model no longer being available or the price rising in the meantime.

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    The Tributes (not Studio Tributes which are still knocking about) are new for 2913, so should be around a little while at least.


    There is a nice range available, in 50's, 60's and 70's models, each representing the era quite well in terms of neck profile and pickups.


    I nearly went for the 60's which does have a very nice thin neck profile (well, nice for me), but at the time, I wanted something as close to my old Norlins as possible, so went for the 70's. I tried the fifties, and if you like the fatter rounder necks, you may well prefer it. Personally I can't get on with that profile, but it's very well represented on that model.


    Mine needed some good hearty tweakin' o' the truss rod and bridge, and because I went straight up to 10's, needed intonation too. But I like to do that, I feel like I'm really making the guitar my own when I do my own setup.


    in fact, I still have the TRC off, as the neck is only just settling. I've now got it almost dead straight, and with a buzz free nice low action. The nuts are PLEK'd and mine is just about perfect.


    One other thing to be aware of with most modern non-custom shop Gibsons (and certainly LPJ's and Tributes) is that inside the cavity, you will find everything very firmly soldered to a PCB. The pickups are connected to this with an incredibly hard to source connector that needs a very expensive crimping tool to apply a new connector.


    So if you were thinking to ever swap pups, pots or caps, it's an all or nothing job, really.


    Happy hunting!

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    Yes to Burny and the mid-to-better Tokai range. Don't forget the top end of the Cort CR models will be of similar build quality but like the others will benefit from upgraded pickups (unless you have the Seymour Duncan equipped model). I've not seen any Gibson Tributes yet but all Gibsons vary in quality and finish more than the makes I've mentioned. Of course, there's nothing like having the name on the top but I wouldn't compromise for the sake of it.

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    I have to admit that the plain top and unbound body and neck on the 60's Tribute in Vintage Sunburst rather do it for me. I've never played the slimmer 60's neck only the fatter 50's which always felt comfortable for me.

    I've more chance to get my hands on Gibsons before buying than with a Burny. At £770 I'm getting into secondhand Studio money also so I guess I'll be keeping my options very much open for a few months yet. 

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    I've managed to try 2 LPJs (rubbed white and goldtop) today and I have to say I liked them. Will be trying plenty more options between now and March though which is always fun and they've a Burny in the shop I used to work at which I might go have a nosey at.

    Gibson Europe have told me that the Tribute models will be discontinued for 2014 so that could make obtaining one more difficult.

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