Do you have a guitar made in your birth year?

StubblehoundStubblehound Posts: 106Member
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When I was a watch collector (very addictive) almost everyone on the forum I visited had a watch that was made in their birth year. Do you have a guitar that was made in your birth year?


  • dharma66dharma66 Posts: 829Member

    I wish!




    There are quite a few guys over on the My Les Paul forum who have guitars made on the day they were born!

  • StubblehoundStubblehound Posts: 106Member

    I'm not that far behind you at 1972. Gibson ES-325 would be nice.

  • BuzzwagonBuzzwagon Posts: 143Member

    I wish. A 1962 Tele would be lovely Alas it'll never happen



  • Posts: 169Member

    I do.  A couple years back I acquired a Gibson Parlor guitar from my birth year.  I'm 45.


    Totally happenstance, but it's pretty cool.


  • ESBlondeESBlonde Posts: 968Member

    If anyone would like to donate to me a guitar from the year of my Birth I'd be well made up like!


    So a first year '1958' ES335, or Sunburst LP or even  a strat or tele wouldn't be unwelcome. 


    The strat I do have is twice the average age of my two teenage boys! 


    Sometimes I wonder why age is important in a guitar, of course it isn't but the better examples rise to the top over time.



  • SmartySmarty Posts: 403Member
    Ah - a fellow watch collector! I don't have a guitar in my birth year, but one of my Andersons was built within two days of my daughter being born......does that count?
  • Brian LurcherBrian Lurcher Posts: 15Member

    1950. Are you kidding? What would I do with a Broadcaster? I suppose I'd have to settle for a Gibson ES-175.

  • dharma66dharma66 Posts: 829Member

    Or an L5 or ES400...


    So long as you are prepared to 'settle' for five to ten grands worth of guitar image

  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator

    I think I would have to settle for a lute.

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