Thought it was about time I joined a guitar forum

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Thought it was about time I joined a guitar forum after playing the guitar for 27 years. I've played in a few bands,  mainly rock groups. I have a few influences, but the guitarist that inspired me to start playing the guitar was Dave Murray from Iron Maiden, after seeing him play on the live after death tour when I was 13 years old, I'd never been so clear about wanting to do something in my life.

My first guitar was a classical guitar, but I soon convinced my parents to get me an electric guitar, a Marlin Sidewinder. I've owned tonnes of guitars, but I've never been a Gibson or Fender person. I prefer to get cheaper but quality guitars and bring them up to a high spec, so I'm quite handy with a soldering iron now. I love tinkering and have a passionate hate of painted guitar necks, they get sanded immediately if that is the case.

I currently own the following guitars:
Ibanez RGT 42
Washburn X50 pro Q
Jackson DK2S
Axl Badwater SRO
Marlin Sidewinder (nostalgia buy)
Cheap Brunswick acoustic

On the amplification side of things I have a Marshall 1960A cab, a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 head and a Bugera 333xl 120 watt head.
I have lots of other gear, like effects, mics, wireless, and a dummy load box I made myself.


  • manofgresleymanofgresley Posts: 137Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

  • Graham GeorgeGraham George Posts: 496Member

    Mutley Hi, and welcome to a very friendly bunch of guitar maniacs - well speaking for myself there! 

  • Kevin PeatKevin Peat Posts: 3,203Member

    Sounds like pro kit you've got there, Mutley. 


    Nice to see you on the blog. 

  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator

    Welcome mutley.  Nice bunch of guitars there.  The Marlin Sidewinder, considering its pedigree, is a bonny guitar.

  • LesterLester Posts: 1,704Member, Moderator

    Welcome, Mutley. You are among other soldering iron afficiandos here, although I am not yet one of them. Nice gear you have, too! See you around.

  • mutley365mutley365 Posts: 7Member

    Thanks guys.

  • Mike WhittakerMike Whittaker Posts: 119Member

    Welcome to the forum Mutley

  • MegiMegi Posts: 7,191Member

    Hi and welcome Mutley. Appreciate those pics you've attached - what do the extra switches on the Jackson do?

  • mutley365mutley365 Posts: 7Member
    Hi, the toggle switches are for the sustainiac pickup. One toggle engages it and the other allows you to switch the harmonic properties. So one will sustain the regular note, the other will start normal and break up harmonically with predictable feedback, and the last goes into full squeal mode and reflects the harmonic properties of the fretted note. None of these just come on and stay on, you can still control when it kicks in to a degree with your own technique. An example a use for the harmonic feedback would be with or without you by U2. The sonic possibilities are fantastic.

    How it works is that when engaged the neck pickup works in tandem with the bridge pickup to extend the magnetic field energising the strings causing them to vibrate. The circuit board interprets the vibrations and delivers the sustain type you've selected. Also the very bottom pot is not a tone knob, it's a gain knob for the sustainiac. It all works from a 9v battery which lasts for ages.

    It isn't just a gimmick, I've actually used it live, although I'm not a fan of the look of the Jackson, with the shark tooth inlays and shark fin headstock, but when it sounds as good as it does, who cares?
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    Welcome Mutley,


    That's quite a progression of guitars that you have there.  You're in good company.  Thougt I've stripped down the number of guitars I own, over the past year, they just weren't all being played. 






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