The Dire Straits Experience

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My brother and I went up to The Rothes Halls, in Glenrothes, to see The Dire Straits Experience, and what a wonderful show. Seven excellent musicians put on a tremendous show. Chris White, who was the saxophonist with Dire Straits, is one member, and one of the two keyboard players has played with Clapton, Tina Turner and Mike Oldfield. The bass player was the in-house bassist for Island Records, and includes Dave Gilmour and Van Morrison among the artists he has worked with. Add to them a second keyboard player, an excellent drummer and an ace second guitar, along with Terence Reis (who not only plays like Mark Knopfler but sings like him too) and you have a unforgettable experience, enjoyed by a large and enthusiastic crowd.The main auditorium at Rothes Halls is wider than it is deep and the sound is second to none. It was loud without being raucous, and crystal clear.Here is a small, two minute, taster from their website. 


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    Hi Jocko.


    Great sounding Tribute band, I'd forgotten how good a poet and musician Mark Knopfler is. I saw Dire Straits, just before they mad it with Sultans Of Swing, and i have never forgot that experience,every one who was with me that night said the same, "These boys are going to be Big" how right we were, this video brought back some happy memories, thanks for uploading it.

    Was anyone on this forum there ? 76 Club Burton on Trent 1976

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    Never saw Dire Straights live but have a couple of albums.  Sounds like a great night Jocko.  I'm off to see a mandolin band tonight - I suspect that might be a different experience from yours!


    Cheers, Reg.

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    Sounded like a fantastic evening Jocko. That would have been right up my street.

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    They sound amazing!  Next time they have any dates up in my neck of the woods I'll be there like a shot!


    I know a lot of people are a bit sniffy about tribute bands, but I think they're vital to keep the classic music alive. Imagine if no-one ever performed a Beethoven symphony once old Ludwig had passed away! Music this good deserves to be played in front fresh audiences, I reckon 

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    I regularly attend Tribute concerts. Not everyone got the chance to see bands, live, in their day. Tribute bands, as long as they are good, are a great way of enjoying the "live" experience.

    I have seen The Eagles, twice. The "Illegal Eagles" once, and "Talon" on a number of occasions. There is not a great deal to draw between then for performing.

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