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Hi Everyone, I have just picked up a guitar at the start of April and am determined to practice hard. I am pretty good at sticking to things which is good as its one of the hardest things I have ever tried! I'm 35 and have wanted to play for years. I did a few lessons as a child but the school stopped them and so I wasn't able to continue.  I'm currently self learning and have found some good videos online. I bought myself a stratocaster to get me going and am really enjoying picking it up and playing....albeit badly lol. Hoping that by joining this forum I will be able to share my experiences and learn from others just starting out or some way down the road. Let the journey begin! Andy  


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    Welcome Andy. It is a great hobby you have chosen. It is extremely difficult to play guitar and after 50 years I don't find it gets any easier. I envy people who just pick the instrument up and it all just comes to them.

    With the internet there is a ton of free tuition out there and being self taught has never been easier. If you haven't already, this is a great site to check out.

    The ubiquitous Strat is a great guitar for any level of player. I love mine.

    Fender Stratocaster in its case 21-5-13


    Keep on playing and keep us informed of your progress. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved, so any issues, tell us about them. There is a wagon load of good advice to be had here.

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    Welcome to the forum Andy.


    It can be a tough road trying to learn to play this damn instrument - but it's well worth the efforts. There's so much to explore and there's always something that can be worked on to make things better.


    I look forward to hearing about your progress (and about the trials and tribulations ).

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    Welcome to the forum Andy.


    I personally don't think it matters when you start to play a musical instrument, as long as you practice regularly. It is hard when you first start, but persevere and you will get there, I was 61 when I started, so age is no barrier, don't get me wrong, I am no Eric Clapton, but i am at a level were I can entertain my friends, and they know instantly what I am playing. The strat's a great instrument, here's mine.

    My Strat

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    Welcome Andy,


    You will have periods of not feeling like you are progressing, or time is otherwise precious for something else. This is quite normal and we all go through it. It is a long process to develop as a guitar player but it is a worthwhile journey so stick at it. Learning from youtube is good but an occasional session with a good teacher will spot bad habits and focus attention on things you might not notice. A few sporadic lessons are usually money well spent providing you take it on board.


    Lets not even mention buying lots of shiny guitars and stuff eh!



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    Thank you all of you for your feedback, its just what I needed to hear! I'm pleased I joined this forum. I don't feel like I'm isolated in my learning now! I will keep updating how my progress goes. 


    My current thinking is to try and get to grips with the chords, scales and strumming patterns. I am trying to focus on rythm playing first, then may look to progress some blues practice and eventually onto rock. But I guess we'll just see how it goes!

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    Hi Andy - just to echo the others and say stick with it, and it is a very rewarding thing to learn. As you say, not at all easy, but persistence over time does bring results. image

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    Welcome Andy! Can't beat a Stratocaster :-) Great choice.




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    Hi Andy, and welcome.


    I think what makes this site is there's lots of people of different abilities and everybody remembers when they first picked up the guitar, so there's no snobbishness about ability.  Got a question?  Ask it.  You might get as many different recommendations as there are replies (unless it's a question of fact), but you'll be able to pick through them to find what works best for you and the instrument and style of music you want to play.


    Cheers, Reg.

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    Originally Posted by Reg Sox:

    You might get as many different recommendations as there are replies (unless it's a question of fact)

    Even then you may still get a load of different answers!!

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    I'm a bit late but.... welcome image


    I'll always remember my humble beginnings on the guitar when I was in high school and found a nylon string guitar in my local charity shop for £8 (you could say the best £8 I ever spent) even though it was a pretty crusty guitar I still quickly fell in love with playing.


    All the best with it, I'm sure it's been said but the key thing in the beginning in my opinion is plenty of time (practice) patience and some sort of structure. You might find some useful content on my YouTube channel linked in my signature section.


    And as everyone has mentioned feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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