My experiences of plying my trade as a guitarist

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Not sure id this is the right place to post this, so apologies if I'm in the wrong forum, but I just thought I'd share my experiences of plying my trade as a guitarist... https://jrobsonguitar.wordpres.../19/being-in-a-band/ I'm not quite as cynical as I may seem from this article... but it is a close run thing 


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    Very funny.  Except, shouldn't the title be "Being in a covers band"?


    Cheers, Reg.

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    Covers band or original music band - it pretty well covers my experience. I have never been in a band that used an agent. We were never that "professional". It was always a case of one or other of us would get the booking. This led to some onerous venues. Once you have played for a Divorce Party, in the club where the ex and his mates hang out, you know you've arrived. You have seen the "Blues Brothers"?

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    Never played a divorce party... played a wake once though. One of the best crowds we ever played to, as it happens. Oh yes, indeedy... I must have watched the "Blues Brothers" a thousand times: "Tell me, what kind of music do you usually have here?" "Oh we get both kinds, country AND western!" 

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    Thanks for reminding me why I'm a bedroom guitarist these days image
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    The only agent I've ever used at a gig is the one to get the puke off my shoes. 

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    Originally Posted by Kevin Peat:

    The only agent I've ever used at a gig is the one to get the puke off my shoes. 

    Too much info.

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    Good read, but I must admit it's a polar opposite to my experience. But then I've never aimed to make much money at this lark and never been in a covers band. I do play covers, but in all the bands I've ever been in (in 35 years of doing this) it's always been about doing covers our way rather than learning existing solos/arrangements/fills etc  (you could argue this is through laziness and lack of ability - and I wouldn't argue back).


    These days being in a band is as much a social thing as anything else. It's about going out for a few beers with mates and playing three chords now and again and it's great fun whether it's at a rehearsal or at a gig.


    All that said, 99% of what I do and practice and aspire to these days is solo acoustic playing, so maybe somewhere deep inside I do feel something similar.




  • Reg SoxReg Sox Posts: 3,121Member

    Almost everything I do is covers.


    But given the majority of it is traditional English music (with the very occasional Irish or Scottish number thrown in) and the writers have usually been dead for a few centuries I'm with Derek - I do my own interpretations as no one knows the original arrangements anyway.


    It's a great get out of jail free card, because no one can accuse you of not doing it right.


    Even if you forget the words and make something up on the fly you can claim it's some differently evolved version that you found in some obscure collection of broadsheets - although beware rhyming "mobile phone" with "leaving home" and trying to claim it's 17th Century


    If you start playing the opening chords/riff of "Sultans of Swing" expectations have already been set.  Not the same with "Polly on the Shore"!


    Cheers, Reg.

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