For sale: ltd ed 1997 Jimi Hendrix Tribute Strat

GergoNovodonszkiGergoNovodonszki Posts: 17Member
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I have a very rare, all original ---> wasn't modified, limited edition, 1997 Fender Jimi Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster in beautiful condition with it's original Fender case.

Click here for 83 HD images:
Do you like it or hate it? 

Let me know! Tell me your thoughts! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to buy it you can!

More information:  


  • martinsmith99martinsmith99 Posts: 378Member

    It looks good, but it's the wrong way up for me.

  • Screaming DaveScreaming Dave Posts: 781Member

    I love these!  I think the way they made the whole thing a Right Handed mirror image, including the script is inspired! It plays tricks with your head, though!


    I guess the joke is that any RH guitarist could just buy a LH guitar to do this with.


    On that subject, did anyone see the April Fools' joke in Guitarist Magazine a number of years back where they reviewed LH guitar strings!?  The final sting in the tail was where they announced that the company would be making RH guitar strings at 10% extra!

  • Reg SoxReg Sox Posts: 3,121Member

    Yes, but in the southern hemisphere the wound strings are wound the other way.  So take some northern hemisphere RH strings to Oz and you immediately have a set of LH strings.


    I'll get me coat.  Lucky I have more than one for different weather........

  • Screaming DaveScreaming Dave Posts: 781Member
    Taxi for Mr Sox!
  • Screaming DaveScreaming Dave Posts: 781Member
    Weird things happen to wound strings as you pass over the equator. That's why there's never been a truly great guitar player from Quito
  • Reg SoxReg Sox Posts: 3,121Member

    Oh, I don't know:



    Don't you just love t'interweb!

  • Screaming DaveScreaming Dave Posts: 781Member

    I stand corrected!


  • JockoJocko Posts: 7,107Member, Moderator

    But nylon strings act totally different.

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