Major changes are on the horizon at Newtone

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Posted this here as it seemed as good a place as any. Major changes are on the horizon at Newtone. I got an email from Neil this morning.  It appears that after 30 years Malcolm Newton, who founded Newtone, is hanging up his String Winder and has decided to retire.  However, the company is carrying on under Neil Silverman who has worked with Malcolm for the last 14 years. As part of this, from 1st June, the company is moving to: Unit 12ABrookfield WayTansleyMatlockDerbyshireDE4 5ND New Phone and Fax:  01629 583769 There's also plans afoot to make their strings more easily available, but no further details were shared on that. Best wishes to Neil in taking on the mantle, and best of luck to Malcolm with whatever his retirement holds.  Neil has been responsive to my queries in the past and very helpful with sourcing direct when I couldn't get hold of specific string sets.  As far as I'm concerned Newtone continues to be in good hands. Cheers, Reg.


  • Mark PMark P Posts: 2,314Member

    Whoah!   You had me panicking for a moment there Reg with the thread title - if Newtone Heritage ever disappear I'm struggling with my acoustic guitar playing.


    Long may Newtone continue and my wishes of good fortune go to Neil in running the business and to Malcolm, the man whose invention has made my guitar playing so much more pain free, to enjoy a happy retirement.

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    I did once try a set of Newtone double-wound pure nickel on my Ibanez archtop, and they were really lovely strings. I thinks I'll have to give them a go again some time soon, I feel like I need a change away from the D'Addario half-rounds I've been using for a while. I do wish Neil all the best with taking over the reins - whilst I've not always used Newtone strings, I would not like to find that they were suddenly not available.

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    Over the years I've tried many makes of strings, but I've never managed to find any acoustic strings to beat Newtone. Glad to hear that they are still being made.



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