Two-Rock studio pro 35

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Hey Guitar Dudes,I have a Two-Rock studio pro 35 and lately it has been having a couple of issues and im far from being an amp wiz-kidOriginally it was just the volume that was fluctuating, then another time I was playing the bass just pretty much vanished, and the other day the volume went very very low, barley noticable aboved a buzzy hissIf it is the tubes is there a place I can take it to have them replaced, because I dont trust myself to open up a 2k pound head and tinker around with it   Thanks a lot, Will


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    Ask in your local music shop. They will probably have a tame tech in their address book.

  • Strat_LordStrat_Lord Posts: 30Member

    Cool will do!


    Thanks again Jocko

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    I had this issue with a Peavey Classic 30 a number of years back, particularly the ultra-low volume bit.  I found there was a problem with a jumper lead between two circuit boards which meant the valves weren't getting power to them and weren't heating up, so I'd get it checked before spending out on a new set of valves

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    Amps contain lethal voltages - they can take a very long time to bleed away, fortunately most modern amps are good at separating the voltages from the bits you stick your fingers in, but heed the warning!

    It sounds like power tubes - if the amp is self biasing, then it's a relatively simple task (So long as you use a matched pair or quad of tubes).

    If the amp is not self biasing, then you'll need a tech to re-bias it, so you may as well get them to do the tubes to start with.

    EDIT - I just checked and the amp requires biasing after a tube change, you can do it yourself - but a tech will be a better option.

    IIRC correctly Rea George (who posts here) did a re-valving video on his you tube channel. I have one myself for a tiny terror, but it's not very good (as is most stuff I put on youtube).

    Here is a link


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